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Strange white raised bumps?

My son keeps getting these raised white bumps all over his body. It usually happens after we take his clothes off and he runs around. These happened after he got out of bed. We can’t seem to pin point what’s wrong, they don’t hurt him because we’ve poked and prodded and he’s fine.

  • Ivana
    Dec 05

    They look like might be an allergic reaction to something? My daughter had that last week and we took her to the pediatrician who recommended a things, might be worth asking yours

  • Anonymous
    Dec 05

    Those are not hives. They look more like flea bites or something similar. I have allergic reactions to bites. They always turn white with red around it. Hives are more "hive" patterned and would cover the span, not just random spots.

  • Madilyn
    Dec 05

    See we thought it was bites but I’ve had fleas before when we had cats as a teen. We don’t have animals and we aren’t around them and none of us have gotten bitten. So I don’t think it’s bugs.

  • PK
    Dec 06

    Do they disappear within a few min or hours? My son gets these “hives” whenever there’s heat. So whenever someone holds him, certain folds in his area, where he sweats, or if he just runs around. It sounds like maybe he was laying on his arm in bed for enough time for those hives to pop up. We talked about it with our pediatrician and she said something about chronic hives. Recommended baby Benadryl but we never gave it to him because they typically disappear in a few min to hours and doesn’t bother him. When I was a baby I had the same issue. My parents thought I was allergic to all kinds of things but it looks like it’s just a heat/friction issue that he may grow out of (I no longer have this issue and grew out of it by school age).