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Strep vs sore throat

My 3yr old is complaining about throat pain and he can’t eat anything besides cold popsicles. Runny nose but no fever. (Well he had a fever but it was 2.5 days ago). Every time I go to the pediatrician it costs me $160< out of pocket so I’m hesitant to take him if he just has a sore throat and cough. How do you parents figure out if your kid has strep or sore throat before getting a medical diagnosis?

  • Andrea
    Feb 06, 2019

    Can you do a nurse visit for a throat culture? Maybe that would cost less. You can also try to look in his throat to see if you see white streaks or spots, but I’ve found that to be very difficult on a 3 year d without 6 arms and a tongue depressor.

  • B
    Feb 06, 2019

    Does he have a dry cough? How long was the fever? Is he congested at all? I’d guess strep if there isn’t congestion to cause a sore throat and it’s that bad.

  • Nessa
    Feb 06, 2019

    If you ever have to pay out of pocket for prescription, check, you will save a lot of money on it! Just passing along the info ☺️

  • Anne
    Feb 07, 2019

    I basically don’t take them in unless they have a high fever or a low grade fever for more than 24 hours. Strep also frequently presents with vomiting in young kids. If he seems uncomfortable, is not eating much, has a persistent fever or vomits then I would take him to the doc. Otherwise maybe give it a couple days’ rest and treat the symptoms with popsicles and children’s Motrin. Or call you doctor and ask if a visit would make sense. Ours is pretty good about not recommending visits except when necessary.