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Stuffy/runny nose/cough no fever

My 15mo daughter has been having a runny nose/cough for a few days now but no fever. She is teething (molars) not sure if that has anything to do with it but any tips on how to clear the mucus from her nose? I’ve done saline drops and the suction bulb also I run a humidifier in her room but doesn’t seem to help much. 😕

  • Beatrice
    Feb 13

    I have the nose frida it’s super weird and gross but works amazingly with saline spray

  • Anonymous
    Feb 13

    Nose frida is the bomb. Other than that it’s really just waiting it out! Lots of water and rest!

  • E
    Feb 13

    I had the same problem for my LO who’s around the same age. I used the nasal aspirator plus saline drops. We would also give Tylenol and sometimes Advil for the pain.

  • Kieli
    Feb 13

    This time last year my daughter got colds like that every week I feel like. I took to her to the dr every time and they told me to stop bringing her in unless something gets worse. Lol they also recommend Zarbees, which helped her out some as well

  • Cathy
    Feb 13

    Adjust her mattress in her crib so it’s elevated. Will help with post nasal drip. We usually put a stack of books under ours. You can also give honey too. Sounds like you’re doing everything right. My doctor said most kids will have a cold twice a month lasting 10-14 days each. My rule of thumb is I go to the doctor around day 7/8 and especially if they’re getting up at night from coughing. Usually a sinus infection.

  • María
    Feb 13

    Thanks ladies! I will definitely try the great tips. ♥️♥️♥️