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Suction dinnerware

Hi all! Any recommendations on suction dinnerware? I currently have the Munchkin bowls and Tommy Toddler plate but both don’t suction very well. My toddler can easily pull the dinnerware off of tables and trays.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 18

    Never worked for me. I just got a large placemat that sticks to the table and plastic plates. Embraced the mess

  • PK
    Jan 18

    All I can say is don’t get the Nuby suction plate. My son figured that one out within seconds. It sticks great, but he somehow figured out that he just needed to peel the edges to get it off. We also tried babies r us brand which didn’t work, but I’m sure you won’t find those anywhere anyway. We just let him eat off his high chair tray to this day... at restaurants we do use a plate now though. He figured out that he needed to behave a little better in a restaurant than at home. I want to say that he figured that out close to 18 months.

  • Andrea
    Jan 18

    We tried probably 4 or 5 different versions and they NEVER worked. None of them. Our boys smacked them all off within seconds of being put down. We found it easier to just dole out the food instead of putting a full plate down until he figured out not to swipe it off his tray. Even now, we have to basically eat one handed and keep a hand on his plate so it doesn’t get flipped. I wish they were better and worked, but we never found the magic one that did it for us.

  • Marti
    Jan 19

    We never found one that worked either. Our son had them all off in seconds.