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Sudden sense of being overwhelmed ? Mood swings maybe just venting


I’m 6 weeks pregnant with our second baby, and over the last two days I’ve had MASSIVE mood swings. Like happy one second and snapping at my husband who did not do anything wrong the next. From laughing with my son, to being totally ticked off because he threw his crayon to the floor... I know they say each pregnancy is different, but I NEVER had this with my son when I was pregnant with him. I was literally happy the whole time. I don’t want to be that bitchy pregnant woman who loses her mind over stupid shit. My 10 month old bulldog peed on the floor and I cried, and then proceeded to steal toys from my sons room to chew on- which made me livid. My in law- who we live with today said “oh you actually left the house?” In a sarcastic tone, and it literally set me off. He’s rude and belittling as it is- and we are a one income family - so I don’t make frequent trips to town and waste gas or just go spend money - unlike him, who has no responsibility and barely takes care of himself. But it pissed me off. Normally, shit like that id just blow off. Is this normal in the second pregnancy to be just a hormonal mess? Husband works 4 hours away and FaceTimes us at the end of the day - and when he can through the day, well he was on FaceTime with us after work, then had to talk to a co worker while talking to us- so he had to call us back. Of course that irritated me- normally wouldn’t. Then when he called back, I was snappy with him and shouldn’t have been. Making him not want to talk anymore to us- which I can’t blame him- but that just made it feel worse. I feel like I’m kinda loosing my mind here. I am normally a super happy person, and happy pregnant lady- but this last week has been a struggle. Like crying at shit for no reason, snapping at my husband which I NEVER do. I am a full time stay at home mom, with a one year old, 2 dogs, and have everything really balanced, and don’t have anyone to help me even if I wanted it, because it’s just me and our son, and 2 dogs all week. Just feeling frustrated, and having anxiety about how my son is going to be taken care of when I go into labor - 7 1/2 months away- I know. Still I worry. Whose going to take care of my dogs when I go into labor- again 7.5 months away - still bothers me. Husband is 4 hours away, and when I tell him - I don’t feel good today - it’s brushed off like “you got through our son, you ate Cheerios, and still went to work. Act like you have to go to work.” Not a “maybe take it easy today, or just leave chores for tomorrow, that don’t need to be done today.” Because when he comes home tomorrow night- guaranteed he’s going to check everything like he always has, and he doesn’t think pregnancy counts as an excuse for not getting everything done. I’m super overwhelmed and need to vent. Any advice on how to just let it go, when I get fed up with dumb shit would be helpful. Thanks for listening.

  • Kieli
    Feb 21

    Hi, I have a 20 month old girl and currently 29 weeks pregnant with my second girl. I am a SAHM, and I worked retail my first pregnancy. I somehow was able to pull in carts (in the pouring rain), smell all kinds of weird foods, and stand on my feet all day during that pregnancy and this time around I would DIE even just having to get up everyday to go to work. I am super emotional too. I was not like this during my first. Just tonight I started to cry because my daughter wasn’t asleep by 9pm. I had a meltdown because when I was trying to make dinner she spilt her juice all over the floor. I get pissed off when my husband spends hours talking on the phone ... to his family. I feel so mad in the moment and like I have every right to be, then later on I think to myself “that is so dumb to be mad over”. I just texted my dad about 100 messages venting to him tonight. I also am in the same boat about not going out often, my husband takes our only vehicle to work everyday so going to the grocery store is a big deal for me to just get out of the house. I don’t have everything I need for the new baby and I’m due in 11 weeks. I just recently moved from California to Alabama and don’t even have a doctor at the moment. My husband and mom who I live with have gotten to the point where when I act out or am being emotional they know and understand. Usually my mom will snap back, and my husband will say I’m being a b*tch. Don’t have much advice here, but just wanted to let you know that you are not alone ... you are doing great though momma ❤️ I try and think if everything I took for granite today was gone tomorrow, would I be acting like this? And sometimes it helps, and sometimes things just happen so fast I can’t help but act out. Just think about the beautiful life your body is creating right now, and the miracle it’s already made in bad times. I hope everything starts to get better for you

  • Nicole
    Mar 20

    You are a human before you are a mom. This moodiness is not a defect in your parenting or personality. It is hormonal but only to the extent that a pregnant human’s body reacts to a totally shit situation! Your feelings are real and reasonable. Kill the guilt and listen to your body. Your in law sucks. BOY BYE. Been there. Bum bro in law “visited” for months... kicked him out🙏🏻. Your husband’s behavior is so not cool. It’s dismissive of the FULL TIME JOB you are doing which is being a parent— not a housekeeper! He gets to focus on his job because you are doing all the *emotional labor* (google it). Sadly this is typical. I’ve been 9 months pregnant with a 2 year old and 4 year old and an ex who put out-of-town work first. I was a psycho at times even though I am the bomb, like all moms who love their kids. Because it’s madness to live this way! Think about what YOU need. A new stroller off Craigslist so you can go for a walk or let your kid run around a fenced in park? Are you eating and hydrating? Keep easy yummy nourishing snacks stocked for you and your son. Sleeping? Nap when your son naps. If he doesn’t, get in your bed when he crashes for the night and read or give yourself an orgasm or simply have an early bedtime. Are you feeding your soul? Read about something you want to learn or watch really good female stand up comics or listen to music and dance. Take care of you honey. Every single mom who posts on here asking “am I crazy?” needs to at least skim the book Women’s Moods and the NURSE approach to women’s health. Simple common sense tips in it. Take care of YOU 💕

  • Anonymous
    Apr 06

    Well, as much as I would give anything to kick the brother in law out, I can’t. It’s his house, we are here helping him- which we just had to uncover $500 worth of utility bills he failed to take care of- yeah that sucked. Yes I am a human but I am a mom, and as much as I need to vent, I am a mom, and a moms job is thankless, and sometimes hard and unforgiving, but it’s not a job id trade for the whole world. I think it’s a myth honestly, that women don’t get their needs met as moms. I do sleep when my son naps, and I eat and hydrate and everything else, it was just frustration on the whole day. And it’s part of who my in-laws are, I can’t change them, and I jut have to ignore the bullshit and give it to God. I figured out my Bulldog- who was a valentines present- is blind and has to be trained and catered to differently. But I wouldn’t trade any of this chaos for anything. I am the queen of my castle, and we all know even a queen has a crappy day. I appreciate all the advice and in put. I have started reading my Bible again, and moving through my day how I did before I ever had children- whom are an absolute blessing- but like a poster said, I’m feeding my soul to be that mother I want my children to remember as a strong resilient, patient kind and unwavering woman. I think my biggest frustration of it all, was feeling like my husband didn’t care. But after a long discussion that is the furthest thing from the truth, and I had to face my own anxieties of things that were done to me as a child by my mother, and I was casting things being said and actions being done as flash backs and issues from memories long ago. Anyway, thank you again for everything and listening!