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Suddenly he hates brushing teeth

So my 19 month old has suddenly decided he hates brushing teeth... He was doing fine with it, and one day he wanted to do it himself so I let him and I helped. Now he won't brush himself and battles me, he won't go along with me brushing his teeth at all. Any one been through this? It's never been an issue until this last week.

  • Kikipooh
    May 16

    How did you get him to start brushing his teeth my kids aren’t having it they will be 2 in two weeks

  • Ashley
    May 17

    I started getting him used to it with one of those finger toothbrushes when he got his first two teeth. I also had one of those ones they can hold onto and i let him chew on it and mess around with it, it's one of those funny shaped ones the dentist gives you. Now he has a normal brush, and was doing fine but now he hates it all of a sudden. Haven't conquered this yet, I tried going back to the finger toothbrush but he wants to bite it now... So it's a no go.

  • J
    May 17

    We bought a little kids electric tooth brush. My son did the same thing. Was fine with us brushing and one day he was not. It became horrible trying to force him into it. I started thinking it was maybe due to some teeth coming in. But now he likes his new toothbrush and I just guide him with it. He’s 19months.