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Hello I have a one year old and she will eat the bare minimum in her high chair. I think okay she’s full? But then once she goes about playing she comes back to me and wants to be fed while walking around. This is something I want to avoid!! Please anyone have suggestions on how I can keep her in the high chair for her full meal???

  • Sabrina
    Jan 27

    My daughter does the same thing! It got to the point where I was like okay...I’d rather her eat. Turns out she wanted to have her own small plate on her tray and her fork! She wanted more independence with a reward. It’s definitely messy but it’s worth it lol

  • Kerry
    Jan 27

    What sort of foods does she have? Do you place it on the tray? My little one is a yr old on saturday and he loves finger foods. He is using a fork as of yesterday hes always had a spoon but never used it properly kinda flings the food from it. I give him things like spaghetti bolognese straight on the tray if i gave a plate it would be on the floor. Do you feed her after meal time? If you do I would stop, she will start eating more when she realizes your not going to give more food after shes out of the chair. She will not starve herself!

  • B
    Jan 27

    We read books during dinner. Once she’s bored she wants to get up, but if distracted she eats until full.

  • Anonymously
    Jan 27

    My son loves playing in his high chair and he tries to stand up so I’m like okay let’s figure something else out... I use his bouncer for a place to eat! Haha I know it sounds silly but it keeps him in there while he eats his foods. He’s one as well. Hope this helps!

  • Raji
    Jan 27

    My daughter does the same; she would eat a bit n then want to get down. We would feed her on the floor as in she in front hubby with food behind her. As she’s one now; we let her feed herself and feed her ourselves n she stays the whole time in chair. We do give her items off the table tat she wants to “play” with while she is eating to keep her on the chair. 🤷🏻‍♀️it’s work

  • Anonymous
    Jan 27

    I’ve seen people who feed in the Walker- putting food on the little tray part. Maybe when she starts asking for food plop her in her chair. Let her down when she wants down. Repeat. I’m sure it won’t take long for her to see that’s the one and only place she’ll receive food. Remember- YOU run the show, not her :)

  • Elle
    Jan 28

    Sit down and eat with her, model the behavoir you want to instill in her. She probably doesnt see eating in the highchair as personally enjoyable /interesting as eating while exploring, interacting with things around her. Sit down with her, eat with her, and interact with her while she's in the highchair to instill the behavoir.