Suggestions for babywearing

I’ve heard of moby, boba, etc but they’re all super pricey. What are your favorite wraps or carriers? For a newborn and 1 year old.

  • Mama
    Jan 29

    I love the moby for around the house and shopping.

  • Andrea
    Jan 29

    I use my ergo... i really like it. They have options for you to use it right from birth. And it is so easy to use! Ive tried ktan, moby wraps, woven wraps... ergo was by far the easiest for me.

  • Laura
    Jan 30

    Beco Gemini allows you to cross the straps in the back making it more comfortable and easier to snap than others like the Ergo. Look for any of these carriers used to save money. Craigslist and Facebook marketplace.

  • Ani
    Jan 30

    Solly!! Or if you prefer a ring sling, wildbird!

  • shalry
    Jan 30

    I like my infantino. I had an ergo, a baby ktan and for some reason those did not work for me. I would go to a baby store where you can try on the different carriers. Some places have a "pretend baby" so you can see what would be easiest for you to put on and wear. Because sometimes I felt like I needed 4 arms with the other carriers I've tried. Haha

  • Lindsey
    Jan 30

    I highly recommend joining Baby Wearing International (https://babywearinginternational.org). You can try out a ton of different brands/ types of carriers, and they teach you how to use them properly. Then you can find the one you love before investing in it!

  • anonymous mom
    Jan 30

    I love the Lille baby!!! But if you’re thinking of carrying one on the back and one on the front then I think you should go to a baby wearing international meeting and trying out several from their library to get the best fit!! I see someone else left you the link. You don’t even have to join the group, just look online for the next meeting and show up with your little one and they will let you go through their library of holders and carriers and find the best fit for you. This is what I did and it was so much better than trying to figure it out with online reviews and whatnot!!

  • Aye
    Jan 30

    I just looked them up and it said they’re done because they’re filling for bankruptcy 😩 guess I’ll just have to swing by BuyBuyBaby and test it out

  • Anonymous
    Jan 30

    I’ve tried a lot... ergo 360, Moby, K’tan, Lille, joovy sling, and a simple ring sling. I have three kids and used/use different ones with each. Depends on the baby’s preferences, too. My first wouldn’t go in anything until I found the joovy. Check eBay, Poshmark, etc. lots of new/barely used baby carriers (and other baby products) that didn’t work but can’t be returned n

  • anonymous mom
    Jan 30

    Aww that sucks!!! Maybe they were too lenient with their open door policy of letting non members in!! I wonder what they plan to do with all those baby carriers??!!

  • Caroline
    Jan 31

    Lillebaby !!

  • mary
    Jan 31

    wow.. this is just going to confuse you further. But the Moby Fit is easy to learn and use, and gives the wearer good shoulder and back support. For around $50 for most carriers, you will get your money;'s worth.

  • Joanna
    Jan 31

    I love my Boba and Lillebaby. I tried a lot too: wraps, baby bjorn, ring sling, mei tai. I didn't have a problem returning any that didn't work out to Amazon or Target. It really depends on your body type (I'm short) and baby too.

  • Ivy
    Jan 31

    Try looking through the FB marketplace or Offer Up. Sometimes people sell gently used carriers for a good price. I have a few carriers, even some knock-off brands from Amazon. We use an Ergo a lot (find a carrier that doesn’t let your baby’s legs dangle down. It’s better to have their thighs supported for hip health) and I have little complaints about it. It’s super easy and comfy— though I will admit, the generic brand I found on Amazon does the same job, lol. The only thing I noticed is the material pills while the ergo does not. I really like woven wraps as opposed to the stretchy wraps that wont support long term baby-wearing. I spent good money on a soft, stretchy wrap, but my babies come out big and grew way to fast with those. If you go the wrap route, definitely go for a woven wrap. I also have many carriers from my culture (basically like a Mei Tai) that work well and is much more original and has more character than brand name baby carriers. It’s basically an in between of a wrap and carrier. I like the versatility it offers compared to normal carriers, and that it’s not as much fabric as a woven wrap (good for hot days). Mei Tais tend to be on the affordable side, just buy ones with shoulder support/padding

  • Kalen
    Feb 02

    Ergo baby has been great for us! I got ours used at a consignment store so it was much less expensive.

  • A
    Feb 03

    All great suggestions here. We have a Tula and love it. I got it on a sale at 50%off. Otherwise all the good ones are pricey. If you have a Target nearby, they have open box/sale items in baby section for 50-75%off sometimes. I've seen ergo baby couple of times. Worth checking out.

  • Christina
    Apr 17

    You can always try OfferUp or an app related to that. They offer shipping if you don’t find a person close by with a baby wrap. Its used but that’s what a washer machine and dryer comes in handy lol but it still gets the job done. I got two Moby baby wraps. In olive green (fav color) and black. I so love baby wearing because you can bond while they sleep and hands free is a god send when you have other little ones. Find out what works best for you mama. Hope this helps. Lets us know how it went.