Suggestions for one car families?

Any other families getting by with one car? We've been down to one car for 5 months now. Just wondering how others are doing it, and if there are any ideas I haven't thought of for making this work. Thanks!

  • Laura
    Jan 28

    No car here! But I can see how that only works in urban environments. We use buses, kid seats on our bikes, walking, and occasional Ubers/Zipcars.

  • Amanda
    Jan 28

    Our family has one car but we are fortunate that my husband walks to and from work so we rarely have conflicting need of it. In the warm months I walk to the grocery store because we pass a park on the way so it's a good outing for my son.

  • Lily
    Jan 28

    My husband and I did one car for almost a year. It was so hard! He was going to school and I was at home with the baby. If I had something I had to do that day I would take him to school, and then pick him up. It just made everything harder and more stressful! It was really hard with a baby! Now we have two cars and I will never go back!!!! I had no idea how much stress it was making for us until it wasn't there anymore. Good luck!

  • Kieli
    Jan 29

    My husband and I only have one car, and for the last 6 months we were living on an orchard so I was literally stuck at home all day and had to wait for him to come home to go do anything. It was really hard, especially because we lived with his family who had an extra car and was weird about us using it so I got to a point where I didn’t even ask them anymore

  • Rachelanna
    Jan 29

    My husband and I still only have one car for the past three years. With one little and the other on the way But I do have a bike with a kids trailer and we have a little general store about mile half up the road so if I really need This I end up having to take those. But my husband and I make plans that Tuesdays I get the car perfect for appts, the library and what not We usually are home bodies during the week which helps because I use those opportunities to teach our daughter a bit. Plus it saves us a ton of money because there’s not two people using gas or car and insurance payments. Idk for us it personally works, and I think in time you are able to work our plans and make time for things ect. It definitely taught me time management for when I do have the car 😂 we save trips and going out to do more fun things on the weeks ends plus at that point everyone need to get out of the house so we are more grateful when we do and we always do family things. I’m sure when our kids get older though and it will change and we will have to cars but for now it works for us.

  • Michaela
    Jan 29

    One car for us (husband has a car that he’s been “working on” for over a year, don’t get me started) and so I’m usually stuck home. I was bringing my husband to work on days I needed the car but now he’s switched to a job that 35 minute commute so not sure how it will work out. MIL has purchased a car seat and so I think that will be a back up for when we really need to go out.

  • Sara
    Jan 30

    We have one car and the person who is with the kids (my husband during the week b/c he's a stay at home dad, and me on the weekend) has the car. The person who isn't with the kids has to transport themselves in another way (Uber/Lyft, public transit, etc). I have additional portable car seats for both my kids so if needed we can take them in Uber/Lyft. For my older one I have the Ride Safer vest and for my baby I just use a lightweight infant car seat.

  • Auburn
    Jan 31

    We only have one car! It works just fine and we are expecting our third child in May. My husband only works 4 days a week so we save outings for when he's off. I have a bike with a kids trailer that I use to get to work; I only work a 6 minute ride from our house. My mother-in-law has car seats for the kids so in a pinch, she usually helps me out. During the warmer seasons we try to use our bikes instead of the car. It's just saving us a ton on gas, insurance and an extra car payment.

  • Mama
    Jan 31

    We are down to one car! I’ll drop my husband off at work, 30 minute drive. Or he will just leave. It’s difficult however, When I say to myself this is our life for know and come to self acceptance, it’s not too tough.

  • Lindsay
    Jan 31

    Glad to hear we're not alone. Sounds like many of you do the same things what we do. Can definitely be challenging dropping of husband. He works so far from home. Not sure how this will work with a newborn and toddler. Just do it as long as we can I guess. Thanks for the suggestions!