Suggestions on how to support my daughter?

My four-year-old started preschool in August. She’s always been an introvert so I knew adjusting to preschool would be a challenge for her. She has also always been the type of child that wants to observe what’s going on and once she’s comfortable will participate.She’s now been in school for four months and the teacher said she still having a really hard time. The teacher said most of the time my daughter doesn’t want to participate in activities and just sits on the sideline and watches. They have a gymnastics teacher come once a week and the teacher led my daughter into the group and my daughter started crying so they let her just sit and watch while everybody else did the gymnastics routine. When we go to the park or play with the neighbor kids my daughter does fine socializing it’s just the large group she’s having a really hard time with. When I asked my daughter about school she just says that it’s so loud and the kids are running around being crazy, and she also says there’s so much going on so it sounds like she is just overwhelmed.She’s going to start kindergarten in the fall so I was just looking for tips from parents who have been through something similar about how they helped there their little one adjust to elementary school.

  • Tiana
    Jan 12

    Take her to after school activities, like gymnastics, but with YOU, not her teachers supervising. Show her that it’s ok and even fun, to try new things. If she is struggling now, kindergarten will be even harder. There’s not really as much flexibility to “opt out” of the activities that everyone else is doing.

  • Kristina
    Jan 13

    Does she have any other sensory problems you notice at home or in the community? Do you ever go to, festivals, farmers market, outdoor concerts and you notice that she is overwhelmed with noise and too many people? Maybe introducing her to a busy environment little be little would make it easier at school.

  • Momof2
    Jan 13

    She does well when we have gone to festivals but we are there with her. This is the first experience she has had where she has been left alone with other adults (besides our family members). She has taken a gymnastics class before & done well but we were there watching her.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 13

    Is it possible to do some kind of activity where you go with her, but are physically further away, swimming, or one of those inflatable places where only kids go in, and parents sit outside. Just thinking of some possible steps between total independence and mom by her side.

  • Nina
    Jan 13

    Ask for the preschool schedule. On the weekend, run the schedule and “play” school with her. Or our preschool had us do a whole routine at drop off where we stay 15 min and let him interact then make sure to say “bye and I’ll come back...”.