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Sunscreen and swim diapers for toodler


We are planning to go to Mexico next week.. anyone know of any sunscreen brands for my 18 mon dd......and can anyone suggest how to keep baby comfortable in a diaper in the pool? Last time she got rashes because of all the time she spent in a wet diaper in the pool.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 18

    We use babyganics sunscreen. And are you keeping your child in a regular diaper or a swim diaper? I've never heard of a swim diaper giving a rash. You could try a reusable cloth swim diaper. Just remember swim diapers hold solids in, but aren't designed to hold liquid in so if to take her some where else she needs a normal diaper.

  • anonymous mom
    Nov 20

    Blue lizard baby sunblock is amazing and is the only one that’s never made my daughter break out. For swim diapers, I just use pampers brand and they seem to work okay. If they are causing your child to breakout, why not just give her no diaper and watch closely for when she poops and pull her out quickly if it happens?? The diapers don’t hold the pee in anyway, just the poop, so I’d just do that...

  • Vonda
    Dec 05

    We got cloth swim diapers from grovia. They were great. I really loved ‘All Good’ sunscreens. Baby Bum works too. And Badger works great.