Super clingy 3 year old just before new baby

My 3 year old has always been a mama’s boy, but these past couple months he’s been extra clingy, and now with less than a week before my due date with baby #2, he literally does not want to leave my side. He doesn’t want his dad, or anyone else, but mommy to do anything with him. He only wants mommy to change him, get him his food/drink, put him in his car seat, give him his bath, etc. Of course we don’t give in every time, but it always results in a meltdown when I’m not doing it. I’m worried for when the baby arrives that he’s going to have a really tough transition :( we’ve tried to prepare him (I’ve researched all the tips on helping him prepare for a new baby), and he seems excited when we talk about the baby, but I don’t know how he’ll handle having to really share my attention. Any similar situations or tips or just general encouragement???

  • Jada
    Aug 07

    this to shall pass.He knows ur heartbeat better than anyone else besides the one you carry now.He see’s you as being his peiord.None of us are promised tomorrow,instead of letting it make your emotions over run...embrace it & find activities that will expand his thought process & bring you a piece of mind as well.You got this.Im a mother of 4,& a Nana of 14....I raise 7 of them full time & take care of my mom with Dementia.You got this.The last time I had only 2 kids was in 1988!💞.Keep us updated baby girl.:)))).Im here😇

  • Anonymous
    Aug 07

    Thank you much 💕 I teared up reading this! Thank you for the encouragement ☺️

  • anonymous mom
    Aug 07

    Give it Time, he’s sensing the upcoming changes and he’s having a hard time understanding and processing. I only have one child but I used to nanny for big families. Those first few days, weeks, and months can be so hard but so rewarding. I found the older siblings who fared best in the transition had parents who were always there to acknowledge their child’s feelings and found ways to still give them that 1x1 time they desired. If he’s willing when baby comes, let him “help” by grabbing diapers, helping you pick out baby’s outfit, etc. if he does these things, reward him with praise and tell others (visitors, Dad, etc) how great of a big brother he is for helping. give him extra accolades for being such a big boy but balance it by always acknowledging his feelings when he’s sad and give him all those baby snuggles he’s going to want. Even if he’s resistant or seemingly mean/unhappy about the new addition at first, tell him he’s such an amazing big brother and how proud you are if him. If you breastfeed, try to find a way to make breastfeeding time also mommy/big boy time. One of my moms I nannied for would babywear and breastfeed her infant while coloring or reading books or practicing letters with her older child. Just little things like that can help so much and make them realize they’re not being pushed to the side but instead an important, valued member of the family.

  • Ivy
    Aug 07

    My two and four year old love their baby sister dearly, since the first night. But I did notice my 2 year old regress a lot and has been acting out a lot more as I assume he desires more quality attention from me. What has helped, is having him be as involved as possible with his baby sister. When she cries, I tell him to check on her and when he makes her smile or stop crying, he gets lots of praise. He has always been extra clingy and still is. There are some days the baby starts crying and he’s in a bad mood and will cling to me so I can’t tend to the baby, but I always explain to him that I will hang out with him after I help baby sister, or we can go get her together and I can hold them both on the couch, cause mommy has two arms