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Hi. For mother’s who exclusively breastfeed. Do/did you supplement with iron and vitamin D? When did you start ? And how did you know you have to supplement? Thank you.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 24

    For baby? The doctor gave me drops for each baby (sample) but honestly my first baby got the drops like 4 times and my next two didn’t get any of them. I asked one of the dr about it and he said it’s an overly cautious thing they do. I do bring my kids outside at young ages, so they do get some sunlight when newborns.

  • Michaela
    Jan 24

    My doctor tells me every check up I HAVE to give them... but they’re 1, not covered by insurance 2, my son HATES taking them (the iron is so nasty, so I understand) and 3, the trusty Internet says they’re not necessary especially if mom takes vitamins

  • Kendall
    Jan 24

    Our doctor sent us home with vitamin d drops from the hospital. Said to give them once a day. We started day 1. It was a prescription so we could get it refilled. I believe they also sell them over the counter- but our insurance covered it. I stopped once we stopped breastfeeding and went on to formula.

  • MommyDear
    Jan 24

    Some insurance plans won’t cover them if your baby’s doctor prescribes them, mostly because it’s an over the counter vitamin you can find at any pharmacy. However, I did get some from my bb’s dr and give them to her once a day. According to the doctors, vitamin D is the one babies don’t get enough of if exclusively breastfeeding, but if you take your baby out in the sun for just a couple of minutes that can be the cheapest, easiest & most convenient way to get the vitamin... unless you live in the cold where it’s constantly snowing & cloudy of course. My baby is now starting to eat baby food so we try to buy anything that fortified with vitamin D to help with that as well.