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Supply down in one night ☹️💔

I normally pump about 3 oz from each breast every two hours at work and on my days off I just feed my son on demand and pump before bed. Yesterday I woke up with a clogged milk duct and I could only pump 1 oz (or less) from my right breast every two hours 🙃😭 Today my breast is feeling a lot better but I’m still not getting any milk when I pump or feed my son. It’s breaking my heart. My son is only breastfed when I’m home with him 4 days of the week, and when I work he gets pumped milk. I never feed him with a bottle and yesterday I had to... how do I boost my supply?! I do not want this to be the end of my breastfeeding journey

  • Brenda
    Apr 10

    I’ve noticed that a few days after unclogging a milk duct, my supply will be a little off and I won’t get as much as I would normally do so. I pump every 4-4 1/2 hours and I get 8-10 oz but like you, it’d be really hard to get any milk out after having had a clogged duct. I usually take my time pumping, I massage, use a lactation massager, warm compress or pump after showering, hand express and I MAKE sure I don’t stop until I’ve managed to get out a minimum of 8oz and it works for me. It’s just a lot of work

  • Jasmine Jimenez
    Apr 10

    Ive been pumping for about 10 min and only have maybe 3 oz total... :( every time I’ve pumped today it’s been like this. I haven’t had a clogged milk duct since I was like 3 weeks pp so I don’t know if my supply is just low for a few days or for good

  • Ashley
    Apr 11

    Oatmeal cream pies!! I promise you, heaven sent! 🙌🏽

  • Abigail
    Apr 11

    You’re not a machine. No need to boost your supply. Drink water, eat, keep your stress low and apply warm compresses on your breast and latch that baby as often as possible. It’ll clear the duct and increase your production. You have to move milk to make milk it’s hormonal. Your body knows that pumping isn’t a baby nursing. The hormones only get released when the baby is actually latched on.