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Supply drop in 6mo PP common?


Is there a common supply drop at 6 months post partum? Besides baby starting solids, which I don’t think affects milk supply THAT Much since food before 1 is mostly for fun... why does my coworker keep telling me this??

  • Frances
    Jan 04

    I've known a lot of moms who said they stopped producing at six months but in my experience that's not necessarily true. My daughter is 16 months and although she does eat solids, she is still breastfeeding as well. What i did notice was that around that time (probably a couple months earlier actually) i panicked because i thought i wasn't producing enough but i called a lactation consultant. She basically said that your body adjusts to your childs needs and if they aren't cluster feeding then your body will only produce what the child needs when the child needs it. If you give the baby a bottle at night you may not produce much at night. When your baby gets on a feeding routine your body knows and accommodates it. After a feeding if you can pump or self express anything even just an ounce then your supply is good