Swim diapers?

Which ones are good? The Pampers swim diaper disposable just get peed through... Are the reusable ones worth it?

  • Erin
    Jul 22

    Swim diapers don’t hold pee. They aren’t absorbent, they only catch the solids. The reusable ones are very worth it- just wash it with your swimsuits, but again, they do not hold pee so only put on right before swimming and change out of it afterwards!

  • PK
    Jul 22

    Depends how often you’re going to go swimming before they grow out of that one size! I think one reusable diaper is the same price as one pack of swim diapers.

  • anonymous mom
    Jul 23

    Swim diapers aren’t supposed to absorb and hold pee. They just are supposed to snugly cup the thighs and waist to hold in poop. We have reusable swim diapers and they’re fine for repeat one time swimming (like going to swim lessons or a pool where you plan to get in, swim, get out and leave. I use disposable swim diapers for days where we are at the beach or a pool for several hours where I plan to have her in the water and then out over and over where for the “out of the water” times I want her to be dry (like if it’s a day at the ocean and at some point she’ll be out, dry, and napping or eating lunch, etc). In these cases the reusable is too inconvenient. Also I have enough to worry about, a dirty sandy reusable diaper is more hassle than it’s worth. To me, anyway.

  • Vonda
    Jul 25

    We used Grovia reusable swim diapers. Work great and wash easy.

  • Becca
    Jul 25

    I have 5 kids. First 3 had disposable swim diapers. My fourth was given several reusable ones. Current one is Charlie Banana. Absolutely love it. Just looked at pricing & they are on sale for 12.99 & want to buy my baby one. I don’t have to remember swim diapers because its just always been a part of her swimsuit. She use to have a dress & now wears under regular swim suit. She has pooped in it multiple times & has not leaked (even gross small chunky poop yesterday). Yes thats gross but Its like a once in 6 month that she has pooped in it. Swim diaper has been amazing. For long days (ie at the ocean), she sometimes puts dry clothes on & puts wet diaper back on, but she’s also putting back on her wet swimsuit. Just like a disposable swim diaper you have to make sure they don’t get rashes from wearing too long. My baby hasn’t really gotten in water & its because he hasn’t needed to & I haven’t bought disposables & haven’t wanted to. If you swim a lot you probably won’t regret it.