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Swimming lessons: afraid of water

My 3.5 yo boy is so afraid of the water that every swimming lesson he cries and sometimes screams most of the half hour class. The supervisor is practically refusing to have him in the group class. Any recommendations?

  • Andrea
    Feb 08

    We have a similar issue with our just turned 4yo. Is it a class where a parent can be in the water with them? We have to do it that way, and hype up the class for like 2 days beforehand. He still usually clings to us, but we’ve hit a point where he doesn’t scream anymore. We also have the promise of his favorite snack waiting for him after class.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 08

    Is he cold? My nephew was like that, but at lessons a few months later at a different, heated pool was fine. But if he’s scared I’d stop and find a class where you can go with him and it’s warmer

  • Joanna
    Feb 08

    Take a break from lessons. Go to family swim and make it fun. Then do private lessons at a warm pool with an experienced instructor. I signed my 4 yo up for 2 weeks of daily lessons (camp) and he made more progress there than in weekly group.

  • Tiana
    Feb 14

    I went through this last summer! We ended up sitting my son on the side of the pool and I went in the water with all the toddlers. After 2 sessions of him watching me have fun, and him sitting on the side, bored, he got in. Slowly, but got in. After 10 weeks he was swimming.

  • Sarita
    Feb 16

    I decided to be there earlier and go with him in the water to acclimate before the class. Then, when class started, I told him I was going to the bathroom, with the purpose not to be present. It worked 😀. He did his class and at the end I went inside the water just with him again to play and have fun just to reassure him water is fine and not to be afraid of.