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Swimming with a newborn


Just curious on when everyone took their baby swimming. I have a 5 week old and was curious when it was alright to put them in the pool?

  • PK
    Jul 15

    I have heard that 2 months is the youngest

  • Jackie
    Jul 15

    I had my daughter June 25 last year. I asked about swimming with her at her 1mo checkup and her pedi told us if it’s our own personal pool then we could start putting her in if we wanted. If it is a public pool they highly recommended waiting until 6mo.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 15

    I started both of mine at 3 months. No real reason just worked out that way. I would also ask your doctor about sunscreen, and how much you should or shouldn't use. There are a lot of terrible ingredients in them!! I've heard recommendations of none until 6 months to none until 2 years, but I live in the south and it feels like the surface of the sun right now so there are times that it's necessary!