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Switching Formulas?

Currently my son is drinking Enfamil Enspire formula. When we chose this formula it was because he was a breastfed baby but as my milk supply decreased I had to begin supplementing, we chose Enfamil Enspire because we were told it was the closest thing to Breastmilk. He is now exclusively formula fed. Anyways, we recently bought a container of Enfamil NeuroPro bc he's 6mo old and goes through an entire can & sometimes another half of a week at $40 a can. I checked reviews and it says that's NueroPro is easier to digest and good for the brain. But I'm not quite sure how to transition him from one to another. Do I make him a half current formula & half new formula bottle? I don't want it to be too harsh on his tummy? Any suggestions on how to make this change would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • Anonymous
    Jan 10

    I used neuropro the first 3 months, then switched to Similac, I just used the whole can and went on to the next kind, I never mixed and never had a problem, but didn't think about it being a problem either. It anything u might work about constipation, but at 6 months you can feed prunes or prune juice in their bottle to help with that. And you can get A LOT if coupons for neuropro! Ask your doctor if they have any tips.

  • Jasmine
    Jan 10

    Yeah start with three parts old one part new. Then two parts old, two parts (scoops) new And so on til your only using new

  • Kyari
    Jan 11

    When my son was born I tried breastfeeding and couldn’t produce enough so the hospital had me supplement with similac. The day after I got out of the hospital he had a pediatrician apt and while he was screaming one of the nurses brought me a bottle of ready made enfamil, when I explained to her that we had been using similac she said the two weren’t so drastically different and just to watch for 3 days if he had any type of reaction but he was perfectly fine when we switched