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Tail end of breastfeeding

So I have an almost two year old😝 two in two days! We’ve successfully breastfed all 24 months 💗. We are down to one night time nursing that I think is gonna be the hardest to part with. She has self weaned up until the this laaaast one. I want to know if any mommies have any helpful tips for weaning for bedtime nurse. We’re both attached 😓 and it’s really the only pattern her and I have as far as bedtime. Her dad and others can put her to sleep at night but its not so quick nor quiet but the job gets done nonetheless lol. How do I reintroduce another way of getting her to bed at night? She only nurses maybe 7-10 minutes and she’s out like a light after bath. Any tips or ideas are super appreciated!

  • Susan
    Sep 04, 2018

    No help, just lots of sympathy/empathy. I'm in exactly the same boat. 22 month old. Bloodcurdling screams if she doesn't get Mommy. It's so long and painful otherwise I always relent, but sometimes she'll be satisfied with just one side. Still, I'd love to get rid of this night nursing! Hope someone will have some tips.

  • Amy
    Sep 04, 2018

    I'm almost at a year and I feel like this will be me. It literally is a routine that my son sleeps with no issues if I follow it. However I read online that you can do a slow transition from breastmilk to water. (Honestly I think it was from a dentist). Instead of nursing, you'd use a bottle and start a routine with that. Full breastmilk first and then over time you'll start adding more and more water to the bottle. It should come to the point that it's only water. Your little one may be satisfied with just drinking that before bed. Substitute sippy cup if not a fan of the bottle. If anything else, what I would think to do is add something to the nursing routine like a song to sing. Sing it every time you nurse and if your partner will put your little one to bed, tell them to sing the same song during the point that you'd be nursing. Hopefully you can get the point that you can sing the song without nursing, and your little one falls asleep no problem.

  • Kailynn
    Sep 04, 2018

    We did a transition from breastfeeding to whole milk. I luckily had a stash of frozen breastmilk and would warm it up and offer it in a sippy cup (my son never took to bottles). From there I would mix a little whole milk in and gradually weaned. For me I started this routine with naps first and then transitioned it into evening also. You may want to try having someone else offer the bottle/sippy cup. I found consistency is the key, it's not easy no matter how you do it. Good luck Momma!