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Taking off Diapers

My 21 month old just started taking his clothes off in his crib after taking a nap / waking up in the morning. Yesterday morning he ripped off his diaper which had poop in it and it went everywhere. Anyone have experience with this? I’m not sure if he is old enough yet to start potty training or if this is a sign that he may be. We just welcomed a new baby 5 days ago, so would like to delay potty training if possible. Any advice is appreciated!

  • Anonymous
    Jul 25

    For the bed thing I’d go back to zip up jammies so he can’t get to his diaper!! Even getting some onesies for a while. I don’t think 21 months is too young personally, we are starting at 23 😊 but what a mess!!!!!

  • Pad
    Jul 25

    Sounds like this could be his way off communicating his displeasure with his younger sibling coming home. Are you able to give him one on one attention

  • K
    Jul 25

    My twin girls (20 mths) started doing this, one more than the other. My son, now 4 never attempted it, so I am in the “wtf” stage. Sometimes they do it when they get mad, especially when they wanted to help put on their diaper and I don’t let them. But, I do think it’s a sign that they want to start training. They have been telling me they have a wet or poop diaper since they were 17 mths, this may just be them pushing the point. They usually sleep in onsies, but can unbutton. I just keep telling them no and I let them it on the potty in the morning. Maybe put a potty out and test his interest. Also, try putting him in pull up diapers instead of the tab open. I think pampers just came out with some that are not training diapers, just non tab rip off.

  • K
    Jul 25

    Congrats on the new babe and goooood luck!!!🎉

  • anonymous mom
    Jul 26

    So 21 months isn’t too early if he’s showing signs of readiness. My daughter will be 2 next month and has been fully trained during awake times since March. But she kind of did it on her own, I never expected her to train that early. Someone on here once suggested putting the diaper on backwards so the child can’t access the tabs. That might help. Or maybe putting him in pull ups or the pampers 360s. Good luck and congrats on the new baby!!!

  • Jess
    Jul 28

    My daughter is 2.5 and is doing the same, doesn’t take it off at night because she is still in a sleep sack, but she takes it off during the day all the time. I’ve tried potty training her twice and she has no interest in a small potty or big potty with seat. Not sure what advice to give since I could probably use some too haha!

  • Anonymous
    Jul 31

    This "triggered" memories of when my 14 year old was little. 😬😭 i thought I'd tried everything. I tried overalls with a onesie over it, I tried duct tape on the diaper, I tried backwards diaper, I tried (wrongfully) punishing her.... None of that worked. Here's what I would have done differently: started potty training sooner, zip up sleeper backwards, and lots of sensory play (such a finger painting, play dough, rice treasure hunts, ect) during the day to help calm the texture desire.

  • Dawn
    Sep 08

    My best friend gave me a great idea! Her girls are all grown now but her youngest would remove her diaper and play with her poop... Her solution was to use footless pjs or cut off the Footie part and put them on (zip up or button up) backwards! Congratulations on your new addition!!