“Talk about it.”

Lately my 2.5 year old asks me to talk about things we did that day or in previous days. She wants me to recount specific details. When she’s in the moment she’s there and present and enjoying it but then later on she wants me to tell her over and over again about our grocery shopping trip or our visit to grandpas, etc. is this normal developmental behavior??

  • Anonymous
    Dec 22

    I should’ve added that she’s quite verbal but when I ask her to tell me about it, she gets upset and points at me and cries, “no mommy! Mommy talk about it!!”

  • Candice
    Dec 22

    Maybe she just likes the way you tell it, have you ever heard a story from the past about a day out with your grandma/pa and years later when they are telling the story there is a kind of warmth to the way they tell it....a way that melts ya heart and makes you tear up, I know she's only 2 but maybe when you tell what happen she enjoys either the excitement in your voice or, even the aggrivation, lol. Kids can sense feelings off their parents so whatever she's senses she may find calming or funny. How does she react as you tell her what happen? What about afterwards? Focus more on the effect it has on her by telling her what's she's asking for as opposed to focussing on what she does if you don't tell her or try to engage her to do so....could possibly be a developmental issue however there very well be a developmental growth to all of this too. If she's only 2 and she's able to ask for you to tell her what happen that day it sounds like she's very smart.

  • Vicki
    Dec 23

    My son loves to do this. Tell me about our day! And then has my husband do it too. And then asks again. It’s totally normal. He used to not be able to go to sleep without it. I think it’s their way of processing all the things that happened and they learned.

  • Amanda
    Dec 23

    I remember learning in a Child Psychology course I took at university that around the toddler years when their vocabulary is exploding (I believe the statistic is 17 new words per day) that children become extremely talkative as a way to exercise their new skills and contribute to their development. Your daughter wanting to recap each activity may just be her way of exercising her speech (disclaimer: this is just speculative as I am not a Child Psychology professional)

  • Liza M.
    Dec 23

    I have a LO the same age who is also very verbal. She will often bring up things we did ages ago or even recently and recount them to me (who was there, what we did, what we saw,,,). It is very routine. I think it is part of the way she processes things. Because she has so much language, she is always talking or being spoken to. Revisiting the event gives her the opportunity to remember how she was feeling or figure it out. Maybe she is wanting you to recount these events for some guidance on how to process them. Hope this helps. Sounds like pretty normal toddler behavior overall!