Tangled hair!

My 2 year old has crazy tangled hair in the morning 🤦‍♀️ tips on preventing this please! We wash and condition in the bath every night and brush and dry before bed 🛌

  • Kieli
    Jan 30

    Can you braid it? I put my daughters hair in 2 braids before bed. It is still crazy when she wakes up, but it’s a lot better then letting her sleep with it down

  • Amanda
    Jan 30

    Going off of Kieli’s comment: a ponytail or bun will work as well. Braids (a single braid or two/pigtail braids) definitely work! Even as an adult, I sometimes braid my hair before bed because my hair is so thick. Spray/leave-in conditioners are also helpful in the mornings when there are knots to be detangled.

  • anonymous mom
    Jan 31

    Ummm our daughters have the same hair. Lolol. I try to brush it and braid the longest part of the mullet, and the rest up on top doesn’t get too tangled. 🤷‍♀️

  • Dennise
    Jan 31

    My daughter has curly hair which requires a lot of moisture to keep if from becoming a rats nest. I use DevaCurl decadence no-poo shampoo and decadence conditioner. I comb the conditioner all the way through her hair while she’s in the bath: They are the best moisturizing products I have found. I also put living proof leave in conditioner on after the bath when her hair is still damp and this process has made all the difference in the world. Unfortunately those products are all pretty spendy, but it lasts a long time when used just for my toddler. Also, in between washings I use palmers olive oil spray conditioner to comb through her hair. All products can be ordered from amazon.

  • Amber
    Feb 01

    I have the same hair... Let me tell you get a Wet Brush. I only wish I'd have known about this thing years ago, would have probably shaved days off of the total time I have spent trying to tame this mane.

  • Roberta
    Feb 04

    shea moisture has a leave in product that is really good too, it would help w brushing it out when its like this.

  • Karen M.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Feb 04

    I used to have this problem with my 3 year old, he had very long curly hair and it was always a mess on the back of his head. With a wet soft brush, very gently brush the hair from the bottom to the top. This always worked for him and he never had to go to school with a tangled hair ahahaha.

  • MOM
    Feb 04

    I prefer organic almond hair oil which keeps hair nourished.

  • Fuzzyjelbud
    Feb 06

    Yup. Two braid or ponytails at night. I also use a detangling spray and the Wet Brush (I use adult products because she has really thick Italian hair that goes down to her butt). Something else I noticed, you mention that you wash and condition EVERY night. I suspect that is too much washing. As an adult, it is not healthy to wash your hair everyday (unless you have super oily hair) because it dries out the hair, irregardless of conditioner use. Do you have to wash her hair every night? I wash my 5 year old’s hair 2-4 times a week, depending on activity level and necessity; I also realize that everyone’s hair is different. She still gets ridiculous tangles if she wears her hair down at school; I had to cut out one tangle because it was untangleable (my new word that I just made up, lol). BTW, I use the Hask Monoi and coconut oil detangling spray. For shampoo, I use Klorane oatmeal shampoo and conditioner. I have also used my Macadamia Nut Oil deep conditioning mask on her hair, but again, this child has adult level hair already! I honestly feel that your daughter’s hair might be over-washed and sucked dry, but I don’t know if you need to wash her hair every night. Detangling spray + Wet brush. I also use the Wet Brush on her hair when it is dry, with the detangling spray every morning, and it works great with dry hair as well. I also start brushing from the bottom up as well. Anyways, good luck, because it is annoying having to deal with tangles every day!

  • Valerie Andrade
    Feb 06

    SATIN PILLOW CASE!!! Hear me out, I know it probably sounds slightly extreme to have a child need a satin pillow case, but it allows hair to simply slide across the pillow instead of tangling. I highly recommend that on top of a braid or bun. I have curly hair and my daughters hair is all ringlets, (literally every place we go someone comments how beautiful her hair is) if they only knew what work curls are! But when I heard about satin pillow cases and started using one I definitely noticed a difference in the amount of tangles and messiness in the morning.

  • EmmaD
    Feb 06

    I would also suspect her hair is too dried out. We wash our hair and daughters hair twice a week. Try washing less or just wet with water if you feel you need to. Wouldnt use shampoo everyday. Dries out the scalp and hair. Also we dont use soap every bath, just plain water. :-)

  • Aye
    Feb 09

    Silky pillow covers, there’s some inexpensive ones online. Great for hair and skin, I know it’s silly but it’s great for parents and kids. Also I put hair serums in my LO’s hair. It’s nice, soft, and silky. Detangler spray works wonders too. Or you can just wrap it with a silk scarf/bonnet at night. Or even satin.

  • Momof1
    Feb 13

    My hair used to get just like that! Are you sure the hair is completely dry? If it is a little wet it will definitely turn into a blob. I started washing my hair in the morning and that fixed it. I know that is not really possible with a little one