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So my 8 mo son got his first tooth a few weeks back, now looks like two more are coming through. Anyone got tips on any of it, getting him to sleep through the night would be helpful without crying himself to sleep bc we tried 😓

  • B
    Dec 18, 2018

    Ibuprofen before bed.

  • Cassandra
    Dec 18, 2018

    Oral gel will actually make your LO’s gums harden and it will cause teething to become worse. Dentist don’t recommend it, also it can be a choking hazard because it numbs their tongues and when they drink they don’t know the liquid goes down their throat. I would do Tylenol and I also did gripe water to help my son sleep.

  • Cassidy
    Dec 18, 2018

    What I found that was best for my son was I got a net that was made from a brand called munchkin and I would put cut up fruit or ice and he would suck on that and it really helped. During the day I would just try and keep your son busy so it takes his mind off of any pain. At night though it is a little harder. My best advice to you is to not give your son any medication especially for just teething. Oral gel is not safe for kids especially for babies and unless he has a high fever you shouldn’t give him Tylenol. If you keep your son active enough during the day it should help him at night because he will be tired. Those two things worked really well with my son.