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Teething help!!


This our second round of erupting teeth. We did what worked before. •Camilla teething drops •Hylands nighttime teething tablets •Cold teething toys •teething biscuits •Babyganics teething gel Unfortunately these methods have not been super effective this time around. Baby boy has about 4-6 teeth all coming in at the same time. He’s been sticking his whole hand into his mouth. Along with biting everything and everyone. plus the amount of drool on this kid is amazing. Tonight was the first night we used Baby Tylenol. Which is something I don’t want to use all the time. During the day we give him his frozen yogurt cup. The only issue with this is that he would want to spend all day eating it and nothing else. Plus I worry it’s too cold for him to have so often. Any other ideas/solutions that worked for you mama’s or papa’s ?!

  • B
    Dec 17, 2018

    Let him have as much frozen as he wants if it doesn’t have too much sugar. We also like a clean wet washcloth in the fridge/freezer to chew on. And ice. But a legit question for you. You gave him lots of unregulated and untested stuff last time? Why are you against the regulated and tested pain meds this time? Ibuprofen is a lot for effective than Tylenol for teething. I’d recommend dosing at night during the worst of teething.

  • Aracelly
    Dec 18, 2018

    I bought some popsicle molds on amazon for babies to freeze my milk in and my son loved it!! After I would make smoothies and do the same during the summer.