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Ten month old won’t eat.

My ten month old has lost interest in eating. I open a four ounce container and he doesn’t finish it. I’ve tried feeding him different types of food; purées, Puffs, fruit, etc. No interest in eating. Then around dinner time he’ll eat about eight ounces of food. His molars are coming in and I think another tooth is breaking through. Is this due to teething?

  • Kerry
    Feb 05

    Ive found my son doesnt eat well when hes teething. I give tylenol or ibuprofen when he doesnt eat or sleep well due to teething.

  • Kieli
    Feb 05

    I agree with Kerry, teething definitely affects appetite. I also have noticed my daughter will go through phases. One day she is a bottomless pit and will eat all day then a week later she won’t hardly eat at all. You can try giving him cold things to chew on to help the pain

  • Anonymous
    Feb 05

    My son definitely eats a whole lot less when teething. If it continues through and gets closer to the weekend I’d maybe call the ped if you’re worried