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terrible twos

Five meltdown, 2 time outs, and everything is no no no all before noon. Terrible twos are at my house. Thank goodness for naps!

  • Victoria
    Aug 18, 2018

    Oh my! My son is 19 months and I hope this phase skips us...but I'm wishing you much patience and understanding to deal with your kiddo

  • Veronica
    Aug 18, 2018

    Omg !! My son is just a terrible mess... I just feel like throwing some tantrums as well lol but I know I have to keep myself together... I just need help on how a (NO) isn't funny ....

  • Jamie
    Aug 19, 2018

    We're having the same problem!! I'm dreading the threes so much if this is the twos 😂

  • Cara
    Nov 08, 2018

    I feel this so much! My daughter will be 2 in December and the terrible two's have hit early! I feel like all I so is tell her no all the time! 😔