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Test for speech delay? Test for autism?


My 20 month old son still isn’t talking. He’s only said “Mama”, “Apboo” (apple), “uh oh”, he babbles and makes noises. My pediatrician keeps telling me my son will talk soon and that there’s no need to get him tested but I’m just not sure. I guess I just feel alone and wanted to read other parents’ experiences ... good and bad ... with this.

  • Sanna
    Sep 06

    I had the same experience as yours and my husband kept saying I exaggerate things. But you know what mothers feelings are always right. I called a speech therapist for assessment and the result were positive. We started therapies two months ago and she s doing great now. The sessions are fun and educational to me too. Plus my insurance covered the visits 100%

  • Vee
    Sep 06

    My son was seen by early intervention when he was 18 months. He failed apart of the assessment which qualified him for their services and she also had us schedule a hearing test which I booked immediately but wasn't able to get an appt for 4 months out... he has it next week and I'm a bit nervous... we declined the services in May. He's learned some more words since May but since then, he's also has a couple ear infections and fluid in his ears which is playing into his hearing. We will see how his appt goes Tuesday but I'm pretty positive I will be calling the case worker from EI to take advantage of the services seeing they're 100% covered. I know it sounds very scary to think something can be wrong with your baby but if the testing is covered by insurance or by the state, definitely take advantage of it. It won't hurt him/her. And if there's anything unusual, it's always better to catch it early and get help to fix or improve it. Good luck!

  • Jenn
    Sep 07

    You can always get a speech evaluation on your own. Most insurance covers it. I would suggest doing that first and asking the SLP about their recommendations for other testing (like a neurological exam). They may also have some names of professional to give you.

  • Momof1
    Sep 07

    Yes my son said about the same number of words at 20 months. We took him to speech therapy at that time. He is 25 months now and can say over 100 words. They are trying to teach him colors numbers letters and shapes. It’s so much more instructional then a daycare or school. I highly recommend it!

  • Cathy
    Sep 07

    Most insurances will not cover speech therapy unless it is deemed medically necessary. I say to get an evaluation. Worst case he gets the help that he needs right?

  • Amanda
    Sep 08

    I would go for it if you're worried. Mother's intuition is always right. My doctor advised us against it too, but my son made it into the program after he got evaluated. The therapists are super nice and fun, and he's learned so much in only a few months. It's also free in my county.

  • Melissa
    Sep 09

    I needed to see this my son will be two next month and is babbling and saying minimal words...his peditrician suggested early intervention he didnt qualify for any services but i feel as though he does need a speech therapist i will be going through my insurance to find him one