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The crib VS 1yr old

My LO recently turned one so we decided it was time to lower his crib to the maximum adjustment an since then about for a wk now he’s been terrified of sleeping in it. Once he feels us about to lay him down he throws a fit an cries bloody murder, he’s always slept in his crib so the only reason for him acting up has to be the crib adjustment. He’ll stand an cry up until I pick him up again I did research an most parents say to let them cry it out but I feel so bad he cries for 10mins straight. Suggestions besides letting him sleep in bed with me.

  • Julie
    Mar 10

    We had the same issue and we finally just gave up and put the mattress right on the floor...the crib is gone now. Her bedroom is as baby proofed as possible and our bedroom is right next door so if she wakes up in the night she usually comes and finds us or cries till we come to her. The way our house is laid out we can put a gate in the hallway so the only thing she can do if she leaves her room in the night is hang in the hallway or come to our room. I know it’s not the greatest solution but I am anti CIO and failed to come up with a better alternative.

  • Lindsey
    Mar 12

    Maybe take the front panel of the crib off and transition it into a toddler bed.

  • Kelly
    Mar 12

    Was he giving any indication he was going to try to crawl out? If not, I’d just raise him back up a level and see if that helps. 🤷‍♀️ Do not, I repeat do NOT convert to a toddler bed or a floor mattress unless you are prepared for the potential of a wandering nighttime child and potentially a whole new host of sleep regressions anyway. In my opinion it’s far better to stick to a few days of CIO hell in the lowered crib than to train a 1 year old to stay in their bed ALL NIGHT LONG. One is pretty young to not be sleeping someplace secure like a crib.