The monitoring app you added to your kids’ phone is a security nightmare.

Please don’t spy on your kids via their phones by adding (what is basically) malware and these janky apps that are poorly secured. 1) one app, TeenSafe, was found to be insecure and may have inadvertently shared your passwords: 2) This is not a great way to build trust with your teens/kids. My work does this with our laptops, and it has eroded any perceived trust I expected as an adult. In fact, I now find ways to work around it, which is what your kids will end up doing. These digital ankle bracelets are just plain terrible for so many reasons, yet often couched in good intent.

  • Michelle
    Mar 30

    All of my kids have Life360 tracking on their phones. At first it was just my oldest daughter I was “tracking.” There was a sense of (mis)trust issues because she could not track me. Later I decided to let her track me. Once I did that, the trust was flowing. Now the app is on all three of my daughters’ phones. They all know my whereabouts! I use the free version of the app. You can pay for an upgrade but it’s not necessary for me and our needs. I have never had any malware problems.