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The topic of loneliness


I’ve been a stay at home mom on & off since my little guy was born ( he’s 3 now ) due to some surgeries. I’m only 23 & lately I’ve been feeling lonely. What I mean is that literally I have no friends since everyone just kinda walked away when I told them I was expecting. I don’t hold grudges , but I can’t seem to find mom friends or anyone I can talk to about even mom topics. Yes I have my husband & all but sometimes I would like to have a simple convo with someone about something other than motherhood , you know ? What can I do ? How did you find mom friends or felt with this loneliness aspect ?

  • JEaton
    Oct 24

    It's hard making regular friends, let alone mom friends - be it differences in parenting styles, the kids are on different nap schedules, etc.. I'm a sahm to my 2.5 year old and have been since he was born. It's just my husband and I and the only friends I had were the ones I worked with, but it's hard to keep up when they're still working full time. I made the few mommy friends I do have by going to programs at the library, but even that took 8 months. Sorry if this isn't helpful, but know you aren't alone. You've just got to put yourself out there and hope an extrovert adopts you 🤣