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Things to do at Disneyland for 2 year old

My sons birthday is coming up this summer and he’s amused by everything always yelling wooooow! I’m wanting to take him to Disney but not sure what there is to do for a 2 year old. He’s around 32ish inches tall.

  • Joanna
    Mar 07

    Download the Disneyland app and filter for attractions suitable for any height. All of the slow train-like rides are suitable. It's a great app to use to know where the characters are because that's basically what my kids and their friends that age want to do. Add in the parade, fireworks and a Character meal and the whole day goes by quickly!

  • Marlen
    Mar 07

    No way I didn’t know there was an app. Definitely downloading it now. Thank you

  • Heather
    Mar 10

    California adventure is more suited to toddlers in my opinion. My kids prefer it over Disneyland. They got bored of Disneyland but in DCA there's Pixar and disney jr dance party.

  • Jim
    Mar 12

    There’s LOTS to do at Disneyland proper: Steam Trains, Buzz Light Year AstronBlaster, all the Fantasyland dark rides (maybe skip Snow White - it’s scary), it’s a small world, the Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise, Winnie the Pooh. Plus, all the character meet and greats and the afternoon parade. Don’t forget you can ask for a rider switch pass or use fastpass if you want to sneak on Space Mountain. :)

  • Paige
    Mar 20

    Do not go there expecting to spend all day there, toddlers will throw out all of their energy so fast. Bring water and snacks, the food is 💵💵. And DO invest in one of those fan water squirters. They will keep your child occupied throughout all of those long lines