This contraption holds your baby while you pee

I wish every restroom had this!

  • Karla
    Mar 21

    I saw those while traveling in japan. Thatโ€™s genius.

  • Ivy
    Mar 21

    IKEA has those in their large stall! At least the one by us

  • Kristin
    Mar 22

    Agree w/ Karla?! Iโ€™ve seen them more common in Japan & Singapore but I havenโ€™t travelled & visited a lot of places here in the US, so itโ€™s hard to say. But yes, they seemed so convenient if they could provide those more.

  • Katie
    Mar 22

    You periodically run into them in family bathrooms, but they are usually not maintained and sort of icky, so....

  • Julie
    Mar 23

    My daughters swim school has one but itโ€™s kind of filthy looking so I always make her sit on my lap while I pee anyway!! Haha.

  • Victoria
    Mar 23

    Iโ€™m worried that they would fall out! No seatbelt or anything. I just learned to pee with a carrier!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Bridget
    Mar 28

    Same I saw this in Japan a lot. Super clever. Honestly Japan has the bathroom situation on lock for a long time. Convinced us to get our own bidet.

  • Tracy
    Mar 28

    This would have been great for containing my 16 month old the time he decided to put his hands in the toilet while I was washing my hands at the sink.

  • Rody the donkey
    Mar 28

    There something similar in the Seattle airport

  • cocomac
    Apr 04

    Yup. Saw in japan last month and itโ€™s mfkng genius. Japan is also super clean too. They had the same contraption in the FRONT of the airport luggage carts!!