This contraption holds your baby while you pee

I wish every restroom had this!

  • Karla
    Mar 21

    I saw those while traveling in japan. That’s genius.

  • Ivy
    Mar 21

    IKEA has those in their large stall! At least the one by us

  • Kristin
    Mar 22

    Agree w/ Karla?! I’ve seen them more common in Japan & Singapore but I haven’t travelled & visited a lot of places here in the US, so it’s hard to say. But yes, they seemed so convenient if they could provide those more.

  • Katie
    Mar 22

    You periodically run into them in family bathrooms, but they are usually not maintained and sort of icky, so....

  • anonymous mom
    Mar 23

    My daughters swim school has one but it’s kind of filthy looking so I always make her sit on my lap while I pee anyway!! Haha.

  • Victoria
    Mar 23

    I’m worried that they would fall out! No seatbelt or anything. I just learned to pee with a carrier!! 😂

  • Bridget
    Mar 28

    Same I saw this in Japan a lot. Super clever. Honestly Japan has the bathroom situation on lock for a long time. Convinced us to get our own bidet.

  • Tracy
    Mar 28

    This would have been great for containing my 16 month old the time he decided to put his hands in the toilet while I was washing my hands at the sink.

  • Rody the donkey
    Mar 28

    There something similar in the Seattle airport

  • cocomac
    Apr 04

    Yup. Saw in japan last month and it’s mfkng genius. Japan is also super clean too. They had the same contraption in the FRONT of the airport luggage carts!!