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Time Outs

My 20 month old responds to time outs well but we don’t know where to do it at. He used to do it in his playpen because he hated it there so much but it can’t contain him anymore. The only other options we see are his crib or the high chair but I don’t want him to hate those places. Does anyone have a recommendation for time outs?

  • PK
    Mar 24

    We do ours just in a corner of the house, against the wall near our kitchen. It’s just a space where he can’t reach to play with anything yet he can see his play area and I can keep an eye on him from both the kitchen and living room. I had to sit nearby for the first couple of times because he would try to get up but now he knows that he has to sit there until I say it’s ok for him to get up.

  • Kate
    Mar 24

    I got a little wooden chair at a garage sale and wrote ‘TIME OUT’ on the back of it.. that has worked well for us! Good luck ❤️