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Tips, First Time going to Court..


Currently waiting for court day (mediation) My childs Father has 2 other kids from 2 Different Girls and has visitation for both those kids every other weekend.. 1 is court ordered and the other is verbal agreement but still pays child support.. I did get a lawyer to help me out .. i hope it won’t be a waist of money . but i truly feel that my kids father should only get my kid every other weekend. we have never lived with each other my kid has been living with me at my parents home since birth. 2 months since our split and he has not provided for anything... it’s my first time in court/mediation. i’m scared. This would be his 3rd time going to court with a 3rd different child. he knows what to say i don’t any tips to help me calm down this anxiety stressing out

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    Aug 09

    Talk to your lawyer ahead of time about what you want, and what proof you should bring.