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Tips for a big international trip with a 3 month old?


Hi everyone - I’m due in April and it feels crazy to be planning this far in advance, but we’re trying to book travel for this summer so I’d love any advice you may have! We live in SF, but have a wedding in Maine and since we love travel, and we’ve heard that 3 months is a good age to travel with, we’re planning on spending 5 days in Europe (likely Provence) after the wedding. My questions are: those of you who have traveled with babies this age, what sorts of tips/hacks do you recommend? We’re getting the UppaBaby Minu as our travel stroller so were planning on bringing that plus the Nuna Pipa for our rental car in France, and using hotel-provided cribs (assuming that will work at 3 months). Any tips on what to bring/what not to bring/how to survive lots of flights/trains/car trips? I’ll be BF-ing and maybe doing some pumping to supplement so my husband can help with night feedings as needed. Also, we’re not 100% tied to Provence (but we’ve spent so much time in big European cities that we don’t want to do a city), so if you have other ideas for baby friendly locations in Europe please let me know. We’ve also thought about San Sebastián, Puglia, Italian Lake District, etc but are most excited about Provence/Chateauneuf-de-papes. Thank you!

  • Laura
    Jan 02

    On international flights you can get the bulkhead seat with bassinet. You may need to call to reserve it.

  • Kim
    Jan 02

    For sure call to get the bassinet for your flight! 3mo is super easy to travel with, easier to fly than drive I swear! My 3yo has done 8 rt flights and 2 of them were international. Really if you are breastfeeding that makes it easy to travel, bring a pump for sure (even if just a simple hand pump) if you want flexibility like you would at home. If you plan to travel by car bring your car seat. Rentals are expensive and often can be unsafe due to getting tossed around. A friend lent us a small compact stroller that fit in an overhead and that was awesome for Europe. For 3mo make sure it reclines tho since that young cant support neck properly yet. I recommend bringing something to wear the baby, whatever you like best, Tula, baby bjorn, sash mei, etc. it is nice to explore hands free from a stroller and if you want to hike you can go where a stroller can’t. Provence is wonderful and we went there on a trip (pre-kid). If you can make it to Dordogne region while you are there I would recommend that area too (cool cave art, lots of farmers markets and much greener). Just depends how long you plan to stay. In Provence along the sea there is a neat national park where you can see wild horses, flamingos and bulls. We like to fly Air France, and the A380 plane is huge, but quiet and amazing. I looove that plane and don’t want to fly international on anything else. Only certain airports can handle it, so Boston is prolly closest from Maine. You could take a train or drive perhaps from Paris. We drove and it was lovely and beautiful. The car rental was surprisingly inexpensive, getting out of Paris was easy, but back in was traffic and a nightmare for us. I would skip hotels and stay with the locals. In Europe we used Sawdays to book lodging, kinda like Airbnb. We also use Airbnb in europe with success. Nice to talk to the locals to find all the hidden spots, and more variety of areas you can stay than standard lodging. When we went to Luxembourg our Airbnb hooked us up with a crib so we didn’t need to bring one. Buy everything when you arrive, we packed 4 days of clothes for the adults and 6 for the kids and managed to do carryon only, all our Airbnb’s has laundry, so why pack a ton of clothes. Buy diapers, shampoo, wipes, etc at a local store. Most importantly, have fun! Eat local, chat up the locals and explore!!

  • Paige
    Mar 20

    Loads of places have fun places to visit. I’d avoid museums and other historical tours because when the baby cries ( and he/she will) it will not disrupt the tours. I would also go for a hotel/rental house close to any attractions so if you have to you can run up to your room. And just PLEASE do not expect to have an action packed day. Plan maybe 1-2 attractions per day and spend the rest of the time loving your baby. (Oh, and congrats)