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Tips for toddler bath (hair)?


Our LO is about to be 18 months and adores bath time with one exception—washing hair. She likes having her scalp rubbed but hates the rinse step. As she’s gotten bigger it’s difficult to get her to sit, and helping her tilt her head back to keep from being (practically) water boarded is proving impossible. Any tips appreciated...unfortunately, the visor-type bath hats are not an option

  • Anonymous
    Nov 05, 2019

    With both my kids, as soon as they were sitting up I didn't tilt them back. I said 1...2...3... GO and poured water on their head. If you are using baby soap then it doesn't matter if they get it in their eyes. And after repeatedly doing it they learn to close their eyes and hold their breath. And this is really helpful when taking them to a pool. When I take them I say the same thing and dunk them under, they know what to do. Mine doesn't sit down either so I just try and aim the water so it doesn't spill out of the tub.

  • Laura
    Nov 05, 2019

    Same problem. We just wash her hair super infrequently.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 05, 2019

    I just keep the toys out of the tub and say “let’s wash up super fast so we can play!” Usually works

  • Stacey
    Nov 05, 2019

    We have the same problem. Helping him dump the water on his head himself helped a little bit other times daddy has to to it and he gets upset.

  • Diana
    Nov 05, 2019

    I did a combination: 1) I had her help me wash my hair (which resulted in me being water boarded) and would point out when there’s still soap in my hair — so seeing how much it takes to rinse out my hair helped my child be more patient when I was doing hers (and she loves spraying me in the face) 2) my child really liked the idea of laying down in the tub to have her hair rinsed, so she gets the option to sit or lay down (no standing yet because I don’t want her to fall) 3) she gets to hold a wash cloth so she can wipe her face/eyes when we’re done 4) I let her know when she’s going to be rinsed off and give her 5 seconds to decide if she wants to sit or lie down before the water comes... and then I make sure I always start spraying her when we get to 5. She fussed the first 2 times, and now it’s just normal routine

  • PK
    Nov 05, 2019

    I have my son lay back completely and I support him by his neck. I just use my other hand to scoop water onto his head. No water gets in his eyes. Also start teaching your daughter that you can wipe away water and soap from your face with your hands. My son learned that from swim lessons and started applying it to bath time whenever I accidentally got water on his face.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 05, 2019

    Are showers an option? Showering with dad is my kids jam, they play music and dance and splash

  • Lindsey
    Nov 06, 2019

    My LO is the same way (22months now, but at 18m began to hate water on her head but loves the bath) so I began putting the shampoo on a soaked washcloth and washed her hair with that and would rinse the same way, or with small scoops of water with my hand slowly so it didn't touch her face. Being on a rag the water didn't run but her hair lathered just fine! Best of luck 💜

  • Ivy
    Nov 07, 2019

    We have a detachable shower head that I use with the kiddos. My 4 year old loves stars and planets so I’ll have him look at the ceiling and imagine the stars. We name the stars and planets together while I rinse his head. My 2 year old loves vehicles so I detail a scene for him and point to the ceiling for him to imagine it up there. Maybe some stickers up on the ceiling could help?

  • Shelley
    Nov 12, 2019

    We use eco friendly shampoo and it’s a foam vs a thick gel substance. I find it’s easier to rinse out quickly. My LO hair is very long & thick. We also have a Munchkin rinser cup that has the rubbery part to place along their head. Helps to keep the water off her face.

  • Penelope
    Dec 02, 2019

    I tell my daughter to look for the stars or I let her rinse it with the shower that comes off. Or she gets in her eyes. Life’s not always easy or good. But you Learn by mistakes

  • anonymous mom
    Dec 06, 2019

    I tell her to hum a tune, it’s time to rinse. Humming automatically forces you to breathe out of your nose so it prevents her from inhaling the water. It’s actually not recommended to teach kids to hold their breath...when they do they instinctively inhale deeply and hold. Not a problem for a bath with water over your head but never a good idea in a pool. You don’t want kids learning to hold their breathe in this way because they’ll inevitably inhale a mouthful of water at some point. If you tell them to hum calmly they learn to push the air out of their nose when their face is under water and eventually they’ll also learn to wait till it’s safe to inhale again. Overall though, hair rinsing is tough. It’s not easy to do but it is just one of those things that kids have to learn they don’t get a choice in. Like brushing their teeth or wiping after you poop. Lol. Some things in life ain’t your favorite but to be a productive member of society you need clean hair, teeth, and butt. 😂