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Tips on getting my almost 7 yr old to listen!


My daughter will be 7 towards the end of the year! She is such a intelligent little human! She is so well behaved at school, with grandparents, wherever she may be! But she doesn’t listen at home! Am I alone here? Lol I have recently introduced a chore chart that she gets to check off daily as she goes! Any other helpful tips or advice for getting her to listen to what she is told without me having to repeat myself a million times? Any and all positive advice welcome!

  • Jess
    Sep 10

    My son is the same age and recently just started doing the same. I’ve noticed that punishment or repeating myself doesn’t work, but if I go up to him and take his hand or put my hand on his shoulder and ask him to listen, and then talk to him, he will respond and usually listen. This seems to be the age they tune us out!

  • Jenni
    Sep 19

    What I’ve found works with my super talkative yet selective listening daughter is using simple incentives and rewards for good listening (Gets to read extra story, iPad time, bigger incentive for longer time of good behavior like special outing to her place of choice). If she doesn’t listen, incentives are withheld. It seems to work as reward system for us.