To-go potty

Finally getting the hang of potty training, many have said to bring little potty with us in the trunk just in case. I can do that. But.... where does he pee? Just out in the parking lot? Or prop it up on the back seat? I don’t see him being comfortable with that 😱

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Nov 12, 2019

    Depending on the car I had, it would be in the trunk, right behind the Car (I would position it to give the most privacy possible), or in the minivan there is enough space on the floor next to the middle Seats.

  • Laura
    Nov 12, 2019

    I whip out the folding potty wherever and it's never been an issue (with our daughter, or the people around us). After peeing in a diaper in front of the world (and getting diaper changes out on the open), peeing in a potty out in the open didn't seem any different to our daughter.

  • Sara
    Nov 13, 2019

    when my daughter was potty training I brought a little potty with us with little plastic baggie liners. This way if we weren't near a regular bathroom I would just always have my own potty on hand. I also just used it wherever I happened to be.

  • Daniel
    Nov 14, 2019

    This foldable toilet cover was a huge help to us with all potty training. We never needed a small toilet; we kept one of these in each washroom at home, and another for travel. Easy to use, and clean, and it was recognizable to our child every time: Gimars Upgrade Large Non Slip...

  • Ashleigh
    Nov 14, 2019

    We used the folding seat insert when there was an actual toilet to use it on. We used a small potty (the ikea one ordered thru Amazon- so easy to clean!) when we were at parks or festivals when finding a toilet would have taken longer than she could have held it. Now that she's a bit older we don't travel with the actual potty anymore. She has a better understanding that if we get in the car it might be a while till we can find a potty. In a pinch I’ve also supported her back and put one arm under her knees to give her a “seated” position when she had to pee at a park. I’ve heard with boys or girls that solo cups work great! Good luck!

  • Angie
    Nov 14, 2019

    Our folding Potette Plus potty has literally been a lifesaver. Its small enough to fit in backpack and relatively quick to put the liner in. I always pre-line one before we go. We have used it successfully about 40 times! Only a handful of accidents because of that invention. I place it on the floorboard in the backseat and my child feels comfortable while i stand at the door & that works to block onlookers. Other people do not care, especially at a kids park or wherever. Hands down much better than using a public toilet to avoid germs. I attribute that lil portable potty to the reason why my kid has not picked up germs leading to sickness much at all.

  • Vonda
    Nov 14, 2019

    We got the My Carry Potty travel potty. So it closes and keeps the pee in after we used it. Amazing for travel. Fits in my backpack with extra clothes etc. just in case. So no one knows I’m carrying it. Plus if I just put it in the stroller; most people think it’s a hard case carry bag cause it’s so cute. Lol. We usually are going somewhere that has a bathroom. So we take it there. But if at the park and no potty place we go in the back (trunk). I have a Jeep Wrangler so it’s the only place with enough flat space for him to sit and go. That or if need be he can go in the backseat floor area. He and the travel potty both fit in that space. But he prefers the trunk since he gets to see everything even though no one can see him. lol.

  • anonymous mom
    Nov 15, 2019

    I have a folding one that she uses all the time in the hatch of the car. If I had a 4 door sedan type I’d probably have her sit on it in the’s too cold to just prop it up in the parking lot but if that’s what she wanted I’d be ok with that too. Lol.

  • A
    Nov 15, 2019

    We have an SUV and I would always just put it in the back trunk area and let them go. I got some funny looks on occasion. But 🤷‍♀️😂 hey Mom of twins I’m not dragging two toddler through Walmart to pee. A trick I learned was to stick a diaper in the little bowl. Then you can just chuck to diaper at your next stop.

  • Sara
    Nov 17, 2019

    We did the folding potty seat with the bags for road trips and camping- super helpful- and just set it up anywhere. Privacy didn’t seem to be a thing for my kid. We actually have a picture of him sitting on it in some grass off the side of a freeway on-ramp when we had to pull off in an “emergency”- pretty funny! For pee, he now just stands and we go anywhere we have to if no bathroom is nearby or they’re locked for winter at our parks. Parking lots, empty lots, trees in the grass strip in front of a house with no one home, construction sites, parks, you name it, we’ve peed there, just trying to be discrete. Potty training has been a big challenge for my kid, though, so convenience trumps decorum! No one has ever seemed to mind- the moms at our parks seem to agree it’s fine until 6ish! (Side note- it rains a lot here...might be more of an issue in a dry climate if everyone’s peeing at the park. :))

  • Jenn
    Dec 06, 2019

    You can't see him being comfortable because you yourself aren't comfortable with it (if you had to do it), rightfully so. Kids don't usually have the same hang ups as adults though. For instance, my 2 y.o. daughter will proudly yell she did a pee or poop in a public restroom. She has no shame whatsoever, nor do I want her to at this age. She's used the portable potty in the trunk, back seat, in parking lots, in the actual bathroom, and out in the open a few times at a fair. I'd never whip it out in the middle of a restaurant or grocery store but as far as I'm concerned, pretty much anywhere is fair game while you're training. She has been potty trained about 5 months now so doesn't need the portable one much anymore; when she does she just uses it in the back seat. We use Potette Plus 😊 the liners have turtles and she loves peeing on the "turtle potty" 😆