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Toddler anger management

What all do you do to help your LO calm down or get “the angries out” ? My LO (now 3.5) used to be really good about taking a breath to calm down. Now he refuses. Sometimes he’ll squeeze my hand, or want me to squeeze his. Other times he wants to stomp 3 times and that seems to help. My husband thinks that’s too much like a tantrum. I’m just wondering what other parents do. Thanks!

  • Anonymous
    May 16

    Make your husband hang out with other 3 year olds to get a little perspective. Sounds like your son is handling his anger really well. It's okay to be angry and frustrated and I think it's great he's willing to try and calm down. Mine screams and won't listen to anything I try and say.

  • anonymous mom
    May 16

    My daughter is only 20 months but we recently started reading, “calm down little monkey!” And it’s just a fun, easy board book about dealing with bad feelings. She loves the book and when she gets upset I start quoting pages from the book, “you’re feeling sad and angry. It’s okay to feel these things, it’s okay to cry!! Calm down little monkey, snuggle your favorite toy. Calm down little monkey, take a deep breath!” Etc. It seems to help a lot. Maybe try that.

  • T
    May 17

    Sounds like Daniel tiger to me lol. I don’t see the big deal honestly.