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Toddler bed transition


Two things: At what age did you move your child into a toddler bed? My daughter is almost 17m and has slept in our bed, next to me every night since she was born. We are 6m pregnant so we have been turning our oversized bedroom into a shared room for all of us and playroom for the kids (we live in a small in law apt). Today we moved a a lot of stuff out and converted her unused crib into a toddler bed (which I didn’t even plan on using for a bit). As we came to the end of our bedtime routine I said ‘let’s go to bed’ with her bottle in hand, ready to go to our big bed. She climbed right into her own with her stuffed animal - she never sleeps with them usually - and took her bottle. She tossed a few times trying to get comfy and stared at the ceiling while I laid next to her and she fell asleep. Peaceful as can be. No fuss at all. What am I missing? Did this really just happen? Our bed seems too big now without a baby in it too. Has this happened to anyone else before? Is it a one time thing/phase? Share your transition stories with me!

  • anonymous mom
    Jan 06

    Hmm. Even if it was just beginners luck I’d be inclined to stay the course and keep encouraging similar behaviors/routines. Things may change when the new baby arrives but the longer your daughter has to get used to this new sleep routine the more likely she will continue!!

  • Destin
    Jan 06

    No advice but I’m def following this story as I am also contemplating transitioning my Little one into a toddler bed.

  • Liza M.
    Jan 06

    We transitioned our now 2yo into a toddler bed when she was about 18mos. It was a crib with a mattress that leveled onto the floor. We then (in prep for the new baby) were given an actual toddler size bed (low to the ground with rails-same size mattress as a crib) and "gave" it to her for her 2nd birthday. She slept in it that night and has ever since-no issue, no asking to go back to the crib...nothing! The crib is even still in her room, just with the rails and mattress raised up. I was very surprised. My LO is very easy-going, but this was a big change! We made a big deal about it being a big girl bed and the crib being for the baby...but even so...Perhaps it is a gift of autonomy on some level. 18 mos is when most children begin to obtain a sense of self so maybe some children like to have a space to call their own??? No idea...just wanted to share my story with you and hope all continues to go well!