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Toddler boy growth


I’m worried my son is not growing as he should. He was 7lb 6oz when he was born and 19.5in, I was checking his medical records and at 18m he was 22 8oz and 31.88in, he is almost 23 months and we measured him yesterday and he’ 22lb 13oz and hasn’t grown an inch. I’m short, 4’10 my husband is 5’8 so we don’t except him to be super tall but at least his dads height. We had already mentioned it to the pediatrician but he said boys grow later. I just don’t want to waste time if there’s something we can do.

  • Yarlin
    May 15

    I was worried at some point myself, a substitute pediatrician who was not my sons original one told me that he was too short and that he should start taking hormones at 2 years old mind you he was 1 when she told me that , but his original pediatrician never told me anything like that, now i switch to another one and he says he’s good he is where he suppose to be height and weight and he is the same as other kids he’s age. I’m short too I’m the same height as you and my husband is 5’8 as well. But ask the pediatrician see what they think i mean not every kid is the same.

  • Anonymous
    May 15

    You can bring it up at his 2 year appointment, but as long as he hasn't dropped drastically off his growth chart then he is fine. My son has always been on the bigger side for height, and my husband and I aren't very tall. Our pediatrician told us he would eventually slow down, and at 18 months it seemed like he was, but then by 2 he was back to being tall again. 🤷Between 2 and 3 he hasn't gained weight and they weren't worried. Probably because he is so active and doesn't like to sit and eat.

  • anonymous mom
    May 15

    My pediatrician told me at her 18 month appointment not to be surprised if she didn’t gain much weight between 18-24 months...she told me that the gain and height starts to slow down and isn’t as pronounced. Hopefully your guy is just slowing down too!!

  • PK
    May 15

    Not sure how your pediatricians office measures height but that might not be super accurate. They lay my son down and mark where his head and feet lay but he doesn’t lie still for that. So it’s not accurate in my opinion. They could’ve measured him taller than what he really was at 18 months.

  • Joanna
    May 15

    ☝️ this. They thought my kid shrunk between 2 and 2.5 yo because one visit used the lay down vs stand up measure. And a full belly and full diaper can be deceiving too. Don't get hung up on the numbers if he's eating well and stooling regularly.

  • Renee
    May 23

    I was wondering the same thing as my little guy is 25months and on the smaller side. I am 5'1 and daddy is 6'2 soooo WTH. His Pediatrician doesn't seem concerned even though his eating and growth has been a concern of mine since birth.I do hope he catches up and mama didn't make him a shorty 😏