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Toddler Chipped Tooth


My daughter (25 months) fell and chipped one of her front teeth. She is fine and happy, my wife is, understandably, devastated about it ("It's our daughters perfect smile" in a sense). We took her to the dentist and they said we had 3 options - 1. Do nothing, she might be sensitive to temperatures, but other than that everything will be fine (but my wife would see it everyday and probably feel terrible about it), 2. Get it filled, even though it probably will not stay on for too long if she ate something hard or pulled on it or whatever. 3. Get a crown, but she is too young to sit there to get the procedure done. We ended up getting it filled, it looks like it did before, but now, I have this added stress of trying to make sure she doesn't eat something or put something in her mouth that will break the filling off. She can't eat certain foods like pretzels or apples. I also have a lot of guilt now, thinking we are altering her life because of something that is cosmetic that she probably does not care about. We decided we try our best to keep the filling on and if it falls off, then we live with the chip and then when she is older maybe she can get the crown. This is more of a vent than a question, but I have been in a slight depression about it happening when it could have easily been avoided and more so for altering her life when she doesn't really comprehend why she can't eat or do certain things even though the changes are minor.

  • anonymous mom
    Dec 11, 2018

    You did the right thing!! Same thing happened to a little boy I babysat a long time ago (not while I was watching him!!) and his parents chose option one and to let it be. He was very sensitive to temperatures and his food options were way wayyyy more limited than crunchy things. Also, I’m not sure how severe the chip was but when I was about 9 I also chipped my front tooth (permanent, obviously) and I’ve had to have it filled 3 times since, but only because it’s not permanent like real teeth and it slowly wears down. However I am not limited in what I eat at all. I think my dentist told me to hold off on certain foods for a few days maybe but that’s it. Maybe it’s because permanent teeth are bigger and there’s more anchor for the filling to stick to but it hasn’t changed what I eat (although it does do a number on my bank account every time I go to get it replaced, lol).

  • Angel
    Dec 11, 2018

    My daughter chipped her front two teeth. On me and my husbands honeymoon. This was over a year ago at this point. We left it be, other than a hospital visit night of and dental check when we got back home and honestly we only noticed a difference for maybe a month or so. That was mostly temperature stuff. You made the choice you thought was right. Try not to stress about it as long as she doesn’t swallow the filling she will be fine.

  • Amanda
    Dec 11, 2018

    My daughter chipped her front tooth at 15 months. It’s not very severe, but it’s noticeable to me anyway. The dentists I asked said there’s nothing they can do because of her age, since it’s not severe. It bothers me a bit, but she’s just fine. It’ll fall out in some years anyway. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Kayla
    Dec 12, 2018

    shes gonna get a new one, it's ok. use this as an opportunity to show her that beauty comes in different sorts and not just a picture perfect smile. plus, that fill will fall out soon. teach her to be different!!

  • Kelly
    Dec 13, 2018

    Kids hurt themselves ALL the time. Feeling guilty about every little thing they manage to do to themselves with make you both insane. You have to learn to just patch them up and hope they learn a little. She’ll have all new teeth in a few years anyway.....and ps, LOTS of kids chip their baby teeth or completely knock them out, so she’s not alone at all.