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Toddler dry skin

Hi everyone, My toddler has dry skin patches all around her body. I feel like they just came out of nowhere. She’s been scratching non stop. We are seeing her doctor on Tuesday, but has anyone dealt with this? I think she may even have eczema on her thigh, I’m not sure because I’ve never seen it before. Also, what are the best over the counter ointments to help soothe her? Any advice is welcome! Thank you in advance!

  • Diane
    Feb 17, 2019

    I like aveeno baby night time comes in a tub container and has soothed any dry patches shes had by morning. Good luck!

  • Kee
    Feb 18, 2019


  • Activemommy
    Feb 18, 2019

    Thank you ladies, I didn’t see your comment last night Diane. I ended up getting the Eucerin creme I hope it helps!

  • Anonymous
    Feb 18, 2019

    My sons skin gets like this in the winter! Our doc suggested an ointment and a humidifier in his room! The air is really dry in the winter and dries out his skin.

  • B
    Feb 18, 2019

    My son got eczema every year in the winter. His skin just couldn’t handle the harsh winter air. We did aquaphor after every bath, bathe just every other day unless they’re especially dirty, and also did cortisone 10 on the scaly patches. He’s 5 now and doesn’t get it anymore.