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Toddler ripping books

Anyone have any advice for toddler ripping books? My daughter is 21 months and has a favorite paper book but lately she’s been ripping it! She loves to read it but then she’ll randomly rip it. We’ve told her the book has to go to time out and will put it away but now she’ll rip it and say “ut oh book time out.” 🙈 So clearly that isn’t working. Any advice?

  • Anonymous
    Jun 16

    Only advice is to put away paper books for a few more months. Try again later

  • anonymous mom
    Jun 16

    It’s so frustrating!! My daughter is the same age has only one regular paper book that she’s allowed to play with regularly because I’m afraid of the damage she may do as well. Lol. she’s ripped one page already. I told her at the time it was okay that it happened since we all make mistakes but it was like a boo boo and the books don’t like to get boo boos just like I don’t like them and she doesn’t like them. Then I helped her tape it back and she’s been overall careful since then. The only advice I have if something similar doesn’t work with your daughter is to check if there’s a board book version. A lot of paper books are also available on board books.

  • AdamAnt
    Jun 17

    You could get her s book that’s specifically for her to rip? She might like the sound or experience if it.

  • Liza M.
    Jun 17

    My daughter is 19 mos and went through this, and sometimes still does. We dealt with it by taking the book away and having her sit on her bed for a minute (she would burst into tears immediately and not stay on the bed-it was more of a symbolic gesture rather than a punishment). Now she responds to prompts to things like "what happens when we rip books?" by saying "crib" or "fix it." If a book does get ripped, she helps to fix it with tape. Really helped when we started going to the library!

  • Amy
    Jun 17

    Have you thought maybe coloring books? There are some cheap ones at dollar stores that I've picked up for my son. I essentially use that as a means to teach him not to rip books meanwhile preserving the other books for story time or when he's older. He still gets the chance to learn how to touch and turn pages. Otherwise I do have several board books (several from Chickfila lol) and cloth books from my family.

  • Emily
    Jun 19

    Are you concerned with keeping the ‘paper integrity’? If not, you could put that plastic contact on each of the pages so she can’t rip them.