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Toddler scared of bedroom


Our toddler is scared of various things at night in his bedroom (fan, monitor camera, etc). He won't sleep without us. Trying to get him to stay in his room and face it, we end up with him. I got three hours of sleep last night. Please help.

  • PK
    Oct 29, 2019

    Has he always been scared of his room? We had a phase like this and really tried to monitor the videos and media he was exposed to... just to learn that he wasn’t actually scared. This was his tactic of getting his way - getting us to come into the room and delaying bed. We never let him come sleep in our bed because that’s something my husband has always put his foot down on. Then we got an “ok to wake” clock. It’s like an alarm clock with a light. We got ours off of amazon of a dog that is holding a ball that changes from red to green. Red means stay in bed, green means go. Our baby cam has a mic on it so instead of going in to comfort him, we tell him to stay in bed. He has enough comforting things in his bed that he just cries for a bit and then lays down. We still go in and comfort him but it’s all based on his type of cries. He has one that is like a deathly afraid cry and we will go in for those. Other than that, we let him try to self soothe himself for at least 10 min before going in

  • Anonymous
    Oct 29, 2019

    What worked for my niece was “scary spray” they put water in a spray bottle and she got to keep it w her at night. She sprayed everything that was scaring her. It worked 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Sara
    Nov 01, 2019

    I recently read an article on the internet suggesting that you play games in the dark in their room with glow sticks or glow in the dark toys, making it fun and not scary. Our toddler also just started being afraid to sleep in his room because it’s so dark. We got him a night light which is helping, but I definitely want to try the glow in the dark games too!