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Toddler Sleep Regression

My husband, 2 yo daughter and I recently moved cross country to be closer to family and moved in with my in-laws. I'm pregnant and we're staying with them until the baby is born and we find our own house. Before the move she slept all night in her own room just fine. (And it wasn't like she was super used to living in the old place cause we had just moved there and got her in her own room at the same time only 5 months before we moved again.) Now it's been almost two months in my in-laws' house and she's still not getting any better about sleeping on her own. She has her own room with all her old stuff right across from our room. We still put her to bed the same time with the same routine, bath and stories then maybe some quiet singing and lights out. But she can't/won't sleep all night alone anymore. I'm currently seven months pregnant and she won't let my husband put her to bed or sooth her back to sleep so it's always me struggling to get her down and settle her multiple times during the night. But Mama needs her sleep! I get it that it's a huge change for her on many levels and I want to make it as easy for her as possible and to help her get better sleep. Has anyone had a similar situation or have any tips to get her back on track? Thanks in advance!

  • anonymous mom
    Nov 20, 2019

    Following. I got nothing, mama. I’m not pregnant and my 2 year old has never moved and she is now solidly in our bed every night and recently the only way to get her to sleep in the first place is to lay with her in her room till she falls asleep. Which takes forever and makes it so I’m not falling asleep myself till 11:30 when I’ve finished all I need to do after she’s finally asleep. Ugh. I’m hopeful it’s just a phase but how to get her on the right track!?! Oh and I wanted to say...I don’t know what would exhaust me more, having a clingy 2 year old while pregnant, moving across the country while pregnant, or living with my in laws in any form, ever. All of those events together make you my hero❤️❤️

  • Kieli
    Nov 20, 2019

    I was in the same situation this time last year ... pregnant with a almost 2 year old, moved from Cali to Alabama in with my mom. We have always lived with family since our daughter was born. Just after her little sister was born we rented our own house and it had improved SO much. Her having her own room, there is no extra noise (after baby goes down of course). Before I had to rock her to sleep every night, now she will fall asleep in her own bed and stay asleep there all night, if she’s not sick. But it did take her a few months (about 3-4) for her to get comfortable in our new home to do this. It takes time to adjust, she may have all of her old stuff but it’s a new room, in a new house. She doesn’t go to the same familiar places, and doesn’t see the same familiar furniture, art work and house set up. I would say give it some time. Even with my daughter, having my mom around kept her up because she didn’t want to miss anything.

  • Marissa Kohne
    Nov 20, 2019

    Thank you both for replying. Half of what I need is just reassurance that I'm not doing something totally wrong and am not alone. I'm hoping that she'll ease into it after a couple more months, but by then we'll be getting into a house of our own - fingers crossed! I know I'm not gonna be able to keep this up when the baby is born. So much to adjust to!

  • Kieli
    Nov 20, 2019

    I wish you luck!! It will get better :) especially when you have your own place and get a routine down with baby and your older child. The older your baby gets, the more routine will fall into place too

  • Penelope
    Dec 02, 2019

    She’s two. My 2 year old has started noticing shadows, sounds, thinks of monsters. She’s prefers a light to be on when she sleeps. These never bothered her or came up till now. And we just moved to my parents. She’s also been asking to go home the whole time, especially at bed time. But I can’t manifest a house right now. But in time she’ll hopefully realize home is where she and I both are and that the shadows are not anything to be afraid of.

  • Vonda
    Dec 05, 2019

    She probably just feels uneasy. I’d put her back to bed. Hug her and lightly talk to her. Tell her you are there. And soothe her back to sleep. My son had a sleep regression a couple months ago. It was hard; especially since he’s no longer in a crib. I found out he just feels unsettled. So I comforted him in his bed by hugging him. Then holding his hand, to sitting but not touching. To getting up and standing in the room, to closing the door and leaving. I did these steps for about a month. After a while it got easier. Now I just hold his hand, sit for a few minutes and then get up and leave. He’s pretty chill about it even when he’s still asleep as I leave. It just takes time and consistency. That’s really what they need. Consistency.