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Toddler tantrums


My son(2years old) likes to dump all of his toys all over his floor everyday and "play with them". I have him help me clean up and sometimes it goes well and other it goes horribly wrong like today. I will give him 2 toys, legos and blocks, to put away and today he literally threw a major fit. I never know when to give up trying or how long to let him throw a fit. Sometimes I try to make it a game like can you beat mommy, can you show me where they go, or let him play basketball putting them in the bin. Some days it works and others not. How long do I let him cry and have a tantrum before I give in? I know he's 2 but should I just give in all the time or let him cry until it gets done. I feel like a horrible mom when he cry this much over picking up toys.

  • Serrina F.
    Oct 09

    My 1 year old almost 2 does the same thing girl. He'll make such a mess and get upset when it's time to put stuff up. I mean his tantrums can get real bad, until he'll break out in a sweat sometimes or use a real high pitch scream. So what I do is switch it up so he can't predict a pattern on my reaction. Sometimes I'll leave him and let him cry it out, other times I talk over his cry and tell him he's making mommy sad, that's not nice, or I'll just start singing the clean up song and start picking up some of the things. Other times I'll pick him up and console him and than on his own he'll go back and clean up. So basically at this stage there's no real right way besides trying different techniques but just still overall showing them that the stuff will be here for next time but it has to be put up but mommy loves you nonetheless! 😏🤷🏾‍♀️

  • PK
    Oct 09

    You’re not horrible... he’s just being 2! We have those days too but for the most part what works for us is singing the Barney clean up song or having it play on my phone as we clean up together. Also it may be overwhelming with all the toys he may have to pick up. Blocks and legos? Those are a lot of pieces. It helps to assign him just one focus at a time and do it with him. My son has a box of cars and blocks that he always dumps too. I will tell him, let’s clean up the cars first! Then once we finish that we will do blocks together. And some times a little motivation will help. “Clean up first and then we can do _____”

  • Anonymous
    Oct 09

    I was listening to a podcast the other day, and they made a good point about how toddlers have only been alive for 2 to 3 years, which is a very short time! So the mundane things we ask them to do like picking up toys may seem routine to us, but monumental to a toddler. It could literally be the hardest thing they have done all day. If there told have a spot or bin they routinely belong in they will eventually crave that habit. At 2.5 my son would enter some ones house, take off his shoes and ask where he should put them because we had a spot we at home where they go. I never told him to do this, it was just what he thought was the normal thing to do. Keep up the routine of putting toys away and some days (not all) he will surprise you with what he can do!

  • Anonymous
    Oct 10

    I agree with ^^^ and also we ALWAYS no matter what clean up the living room toys after dinner. After I wash his hands I always say ok let’s go pick up the toys now. It’s part of a routine now. To be honest, some days he’s not too interested (can’t blame a 2 year old) and we put the toys away and ask often can you help? Or where does this one go? But still end up doing most of it. And other days he puts all 100 toys away in 30 seconds! I think it’s about consistency (just like everything else in a kids life) because more often than not now he’ll at least help us. But I think that doing it without fighting him on it and making it some crazy dramatic tantrum fest is the key for us, we just relax and keep offering for help. “Well do it with or without you”

  • Brushme
    Oct 11

    Another idea that may help is to have less toys out. Or at least things with less pieces to clean up. Maybe rotate the toys every few weeks and see how he does.