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Toddler wakes up upset


It doesn’t seem to matter where he sleeps, when, or how long. He wakes up crying or whiny, often before his eyes are even open. He settles down after a minute or two of being fully awake, but still: Why and how to fix it?

  • Anonymous
    Nov 29

    Sometimes I want to cry when I wake up... My son does it too. He also cries in his sleep, and then settles down on his own. Unless he gets up and is walking around his crib I don't go in. If he's settling after a few minutes then I wouldn't worry about it, if he doesn't settle, then he's probably not done sleeping, and didn't want to wake up.

  • Rayora
    Nov 29

    I have dealt with something like this with my son, we discovered it was night terrors and the only solution was to limit his sugar intake closer to bed time or nap time, and it helped lot.

  • Liz
    Nov 30

    Overtired. Try an earlier bedtime or earlier nap

  • anonymous mom
    Dec 03

    My daughter does this when she wakes up abruptly or when she wakes up in the dark. I try to catch her before she wakes up and open some window shades or turn on some music so she will have a gentler wakeup. It helps sometimes but sometimes she’s still a grump for a few minutes till she gets into the flow of things.

  • Vonda
    Dec 05

    It’s something he will get over. Just let him put himself back to sleep. Unless he wakes up fully and won’t go back to sleep after a few minutes; then go in. I usually just comfort him by hugging my son while he is sitting up in bed. Then when he’s ready he lays back down and goes to sleep.