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Toddler won’t stay in bed at night

Last week we converted our daughters crib to a toddler bed since she would climb out every single time we put her in it. She just turned 2.5 and has been a great sleeper since she was about 18 months, but every night we have to lay with her to fall asleep or she gets right up and follows us crying. We have tried holding the door closed, but she just doesn’t stop crying. A gate wouldn’t work bc she literally can climb anything! In the middle of the night she comes into our room and won’t go back to sleep unless she’s in our bed, which has never once been an issue, she’s never even slept in our room til this past week. If I try to put her back in her bed and lay with her, she stays awake. I am at a loss and sooo tired, and I feel bad for my other child bc his bedtime routine is now rushed and I haven’t been able to spend as much time with him. Help!

  • anonymous mom
    Jul 15

    Have you tried letting her fall asleep then transferring her back in?? I think she just needs to get the hang of it AND she’ll maybe need you talking about it a lot during the day. Not exactly sure but I find that when I talk about things in simple terms my daughter gets it. It takes a lot of repetition and reminding though. Another thing you can try is implementing some “big girl/big bed” rules that are fun for her. Like letting her bring some books to bed to read quietly now that she’s a big girl, or letting her have her favorite stuffed animal and some books in bed.